Antonino Mario Cassarà
Antonino Mario Cassarà
Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society (IT'IS), Zurich, CH
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Noninvasive deep brain stimulation via temporally interfering electric fields
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Current directions in the auricular vagus nerve stimulation I–a physiological perspective
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Realistic simulations of neuronal activity: A contribution to the debate on direct detection of neuronal currents by MRI
AM Cassarà, GE Hagberg, M Bianciardi, M Migliore, B Maraviglia
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Current directions in the auricular vagus nerve stimulation II–an engineering perspective
E Kaniusas, S Kampusch, M Tittgemeyer, F Panetsos, RF Gines, M Papa, ...
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Activity-dependent spinal cord neuromodulation rapidly restores trunk and leg motor functions after complete paralysis
A Rowald, S Komi, R Demesmaeker, E Baaklini, SD Hernandez-Charpak, ...
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Neuronal current detection with low-field magnetic resonance: simulations and methods
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The effect of physiological noise in phase functional magnetic resonance imaging: from blood oxygen level-dependent effects to direct detection of neuronal currents
GE Hagberg, M Bianciardi, V Brainovich, AM Cassarà, B Maraviglia
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Non-invasive suppression of essential tremor via phase-locked disruption of its temporal coherence
SR Schreglmann, D Wang, RL Peach, J Li, X Zhang, A Latorre, E Rhodes, ...
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Magnetic resonance imaging at frequencies below 1 kHz
I Hilschenz, R Körber, HJ Scheer, T Fedele, HH Albrecht, AM Cassará, ...
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Effects of intermediate frequency magnetic fields on male fertility indicators in mice
K Kumari, M Capstick, AM Cassara, M Herrala, H Koivisto, J Naarala, ...
Environmental research 157, 64-70, 2017
Assessment of computational tools for MRI RF dosimetry by comparison with measurements on a laboratory phantom
O Bottauscio, AM Cassarà, JW Hand, D Giordano, L Zilberti, M Borsero, ...
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Phase stability in fMRI time series: effect of noise regression, off-resonance correction and spatial filtering techniques
GE Hagberg, M Bianciardi, V Brainovich, AM Cassara, B Maraviglia
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Are brain currents detectable by means of low-field NMR? A phantom study
N Höfner, HH Albrecht, AM Cassará, G Curio, S Hartwig, J Haueisen, ...
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Functionalized anatomical models for EM-neuron interaction modeling
E Neufeld, AM Cassará, H Montanaro, N Kuster, W Kainz
Physics in Medicine & Biology 61 (12), 4390, 2016
Local multi-channel RF surface coil versus body RF coil transmission for cardiac magnetic resonance at 3 Tesla: Which configuration is winning the game?
O Weinberger, L Winter, MA Dieringer, A Els, C Oezerdem, J Rieger, ...
PLoS One 11 (9), e0161863, 2016
Microscopic investigation of the resonant mechanism for the implementation of nc-MRI at ultra-low field MRI
AM Cassarà, B Maraviglia
NeuroImage 41 (4), 1228-1241, 2008
The SPARC DRC: Building a resource for the autonomic nervous system community
M Osanlouy, A Bandrowski, B De Bono, D Brooks, AM Cassarà, R Christie, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 12, 2021
Restoration of breathing after opioid overdose and spinal cord injury using temporal interference stimulation
MD Sunshine, AM Cassarà, E Neufeld, N Grossman, TH Mareci, KJ Otto, ...
Communications biology 4 (1), 1-15, 2021
Quantification of clinically applicable stimulation parameters for precision near-organ neuromodulation of human splenic nerves
I Gupta, AM Cassará, I Tarotin, M Donega, JA Miranda, DM Sokal, ...
Communications biology 3 (1), 1-11, 2020
Reliable and robust RF safety assessment of transmit array coils at ultrahigh fields
F Seifert, A Cassara, G Weidemann, B Ittermann
Proc. 22nd Annual Meeting ISMRM, Milano, Italy 4891, 2014
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