Daliborka Koceva Komlenić
Daliborka Koceva Komlenić
Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet Osijek
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Wheat dough rheology and bread quality effected by Lactobacillus brevis preferment, dry sourdough and lactic acid addition
DK Komlenić, Ž Ugarčić‐Hardi, M Jukić, M Planinić, A Bucić‐Kojić, ...
International journal of food science & technology 45 (7), 1417-1425, 2010
A comprehensive review on valorization of agro-food industrial residues by solid-state fermentation
G Šelo, M Planinić, M Tišma, S Tomas, D Koceva Komlenić, A Bucić-Kojić
Foods 10 (5), 927, 2021
Quality parameters of noodles made with various supplements
M Sabo, J Hardi
Czech J. Food Sci. Vol 25 (3), 151-157, 2007
Quality evaluation of biscuits produced from composite blends of pumpkin seed oil press cake and wheat flour
M Jukić, J Lukinac, J Čuljak, M Pavlović, D Šubarić, D Koceva Komlenić
International journal of food science & technology 54 (3), 602-609, 2019
Influence of apple peel powder addition on the physico-chemical characteristics and nutritional quality of bread wheat cookies
G Nakov, A Brandolini, A Hidalgo, N Ivanova, M Jukić, DK Komlenić, ...
Food Science and Technology International 26 (7), 574-582, 2020
Influence of cookies composition on temperature profiles and qualitative parameters during baking
S Budžaki, D Koceva Komlenić, J Lukinac Čačić, F Čačić, M Jukić, ...
Croatian journal of food science and technology 6 (2), 72-78, 2014
Quality parameter changes in wheat varieties during storage at four different storage conditions
I Strelec, D Koceva Komlenić, V Jurković, Z Jurković, Ž Ugarčić-Hardi
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 75 (3), 105-111, 2010
Influence of chestnut flour addition on quality characteristics of pasta made on extruder and minipress
I KosovIć, M JuKIć, A JozInovIć, Đ AčKAr, DK Komlenić
Czech Journal of Food Sciences 34 (2), 166-172, 2016
Fermentation of honey-sweetened soymilk with Bifidobacterium lactis Bb-12 and Bifidobacterium longum Bb-46: fermentation activity of bifidobacteria and in vitro antagonistic …
V Slačanac, M Lučan, J Hardi, V Krstanović, D Koceva-Komlenić
Czech Journal of Food Sciences 30 (4), 321-329, 2012
Quality assessment of cookies made from composite flours containing malted barley flour and wheat flour
M Jukić, G Nakov, DK Komlenić, N Vasileva, F Šumanovac, J Lukinac
Plants 11 (6), 761, 2022
Distribution of β-glucan, phenolic acids, and proteins as functional phytonutrients of hull-less barley grain
G Šimić, D Horvat, A Lalić, D Koceva Komlenić, I Abičić, Z Zdunić
Foods 8 (12), 680, 2019
Concentration of nutritional important minerals in Croatian goat and cow milk and some dairy products made of these
V Slačanac, J Hardi, M Lučan, D Koceva Komlenić, V Krstanović, M Jukić
Croatian journal of food science and technology 3 (1), 21-25, 2011
Influence of damaged starch on the quality parameters of wheat dough and bread
C Popovici
Ukrainian Food Journal 8 (3), 512-521, 2019
Influence of acidification on dough rheological properties
DK Komlenić, V Slačanac, M Jukić
Rheology, Dr. Juan De Vicente (Ed.), 265-292, 2012
Colour changes of pasta produced with different supplements during drying and cooking
M Jukic, Z Ugarcic-Hardi, D Koceva Komlenic
Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundschau 103 (4), 159-163, 2007
A comparative study of the influence of various fungal-based pretreatments of grape pomace on phenolic compounds recovery
G Šelo, M Planinić, M Tišma, J Grgić, G Perković, D Koceva Komlenić, ...
Foods 11 (11), 1665, 2022
Influence on time of baking and different role of barley flour on the colour of the biscuits
G Nakov, DK Komlenić, V Stamatovska, A Šušak, M Jukić
Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design 21 (1), 90-95, 2017
Production and analysis of the flour from the hull-less barley
G Šimić, A Lalić, D Horvat, Z Zdunić, D Koceva Komlenić, A Bucić-Kojić, ...
Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization 15, 2679-2687, 2021
Perceptions of consumer for preparation and consumption of tea and analysis of biologically active compounds of black tea
G Nakov, N Ivanova, M Jukic, DK Komlenic, D Daniloski, J Lukinac
Scientific Papers: Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture & Rural …, 2020
Beta glucans in biscuits enriched with barley flour made with different sweeteners
G Nakov, V Stamatovska, M Jukić, L Necinova, N Ivanova, A Šušak, ...
J. Hyg. Eng 26, 88-92, 2019
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