Alan I. Goldman
Alan I. Goldman
Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University
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Structure of rapidly quenched Al-Mn
PA Bancel, PA Heiney, PW Stephens, AI Goldman, PM Horn
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: A Heavy Fermion Transition Metal Oxide
S Kondo, DC Johnston, CA Swenson, F Borsa, AV Mahajan, LL Miller, ...
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Anomalous Suppression of the Orthorhombic Lattice Distortion in Superconducting Single Crystals
S Nandi, MG Kim, A Kreyssig, RM Fernandes, DK Pratt, A Thaler, N Ni, ...
Physical Review Letters 104 (5), 057006, 2010
Anisotropic thermodynamic and transport properties of single-crystalline ( and 0.45)
N Ni, SL Bud’ko, A Kreyssig, S Nandi, GE Rustan, AI Goldman, S Gupta, ...
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Pressure-induced volume-collapsed tetragonal phase of as seen via neutron scattering
A Kreyssig, MA Green, Y Lee, GD Samolyuk, P Zajdel, JW Lynn, ...
Physical Review B 78 (18), 184517, 2008
Antiferromagnetism in
JM Tranquada, AH Moudden, AI Goldman, P Zolliker, DE Cox, G Shirane, ...
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Coexistence of Competing Antiferromagnetic and Superconducting Phases in the Underdoped Compound Using X-ray and Neutron Scattering …
DK Pratt, W Tian, A Kreyssig, JL Zarestky, S Nandi, N Ni, SL Bud’ko, ...
Physical Review Letters 103 (8), 087001, 2009
Quasicrystals and crystalline approximants
AI Goldman, RF Kelton
Reviews of modern physics 65 (1), 213, 1993
Lattice and magnetic instabilities in : A single-crystal neutron diffraction study
AI Goldman, DN Argyriou, B Ouladdiaf, T Chatterji, A Kreyssig, S Nandi, ...
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Sharp diffraction maxima from an icosahedral glass
PW Stephens, AI Goldman
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First-order structural phase transition in
N Ni, S Nandi, A Kreyssig, AI Goldman, ED Mun, SL Bud’ko, PC Canfield
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Similarities between structural distortions under pressure and chemical doping in superconducting BaFe2As2
SAJ Kimber, A Kreyssig, YZ Zhang, HO Jeschke, R Valentí, F Yokaichiya, ...
Nature materials 8 (6), 471-475, 2009
The physiological disposition of phenylbutazone (Butazolidin) in man and a method for its estimation in biological material
JJ Burns, RK Rose, T Chenkin, A Goldman, A Schulert, BB Brodie
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 109 (3), 346-357, 1953
Uniaxial-strain mechanical detwinning of and crystals: Optical and transport study
MA Tanatar, EC Blomberg, A Kreyssig, MG Kim, N Ni, A Thaler, ...
Physical Review B 81 (18), 184508, 2010
Charge order and its connection with Fermi-liquid charge transport in a pristine high-Tc cuprate
W Tabis, Y Li, ML Tacon, L Braicovich, A Kreyssig, M Minola, G Dellea, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 5875, 2014
Unconventional pairing in the iron arsenide superconductors
RM Fernandes, DK Pratt, W Tian, J Zarestky, A Kreyssig, S Nandi, MG Kim, ...
Physical Review B 81 (14), 140501, 2010
Lattice collapse and quenching of magnetism in under pressure: A single-crystal neutron and x-ray diffraction investigation
AI Goldman, A Kreyssig, K Prokeš, DK Pratt, DN Argyriou, JW Lynn, ...
Physical Review B 79 (2), 024513, 2009
Structural transition and anisotropic properties of single-crystalline SrFe 2 As 2
JQ Yan, A Kreyssig, S Nandi, N Ni, SL Bud’ko, A Kracher, RJ McQueeney, ...
Physical Review B 78 (2), 024516, 2008
Magnetic pair breaking in C
AI Goldman, C Stassis, PC Canfield, J Zarestky, P Dervenagas, BK Cho, ...
Physical Review B 50 (13), 9668, 1994
Itinerant Magnetic Excitations in Antiferromagnetic
SO Diallo, VP Antropov, TG Perring, C Broholm, JJ Pulikkotil, N Ni, ...
Physical Review Letters 102 (18), 187206, 2009
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