Angel Gabriel Lucas-Cuevas
Angel Gabriel Lucas-Cuevas
Researcher in GIBD (Grupo de Investigacion en Biomecanica Deportiva, Dpto Educacion Física y
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Effects of treadmill running and fatigue on impact acceleration in distance running
JA García-Pérez, P Pérez-Soriano, S Llana Belloch, ÁG Lucas-Cuevas, ...
Sports Biomechanics 13 (3), 259-266, 2014
Motivos de participación de los estudiantes universitarios en actividades físico-deportivas
M Cambronero, JE Blasco Mira, E Chiner Sanz, ÁG Lucas Cuevas
Asociación Canaria de Psicología del Deporte, 2015
Effect of bike-fit in the perception of comfort, fatigue and pain
JI Priego Quesada, P Pérez-Soriano, AG Lucas-Cuevas, ...
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The location of the tibial accelerometer does influence impact acceleration parameters during running
AG Lucas-Cuevas, A Encarnación-Martínez, A Camacho-García, ...
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Effects of graduated compression stockings on skin temperature after running
JIP Quesada, AG Lucas-Cuevas, M Gil-Calvo, JV Giménez, I Aparicio, ...
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Effect of custom-made and prefabricated insoles on plantar loading parameters during running with and without fatigue
AG Lucas-Cuevas, P Pérez-Soriano, S Llana-Belloch, C Macián-Romero, ...
Journal of sports sciences 32 (18), 1712-1721, 2014
Influence Of Scapular Position On The Core Musculature Activation In The Prone Plank Exercise.
JM Cortell-Tormo, M García-Jaén, I Chulvi-Medrano, ...
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Effect of 3 Weeks Use of Compression Garments on Stride and Impact Shock during a Fatiguing Run.
AG Lucas-Cuevas, JI Priego-Quesada, I Aparicio, JV Giménez, ...
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Influence of foot orthosis customisation on perceived comfort during running
AG Lucas-Cuevas, P Pérez-Soriano, JI Priego-Quesada, S Llana-Belloch
Ergonomics 57 (10), 1590-1596, 2014
Definition of the thermographic regions of interest in cycling by using a factor analysis
JIP Quesada, AG Lucas-Cuevas, RS Palmer, P Pérez-Soriano, ...
Infrared Physics & Technology 75, 180-186, 2016
Influence of custom-made and prefabricated insoles before and after an intense run
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Long-term effects of graduated compression stockings on cardiorespiratory performance
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Initiating running barefoot: Effects on muscle activation and impact accelerations in habitually rearfoot shod runners
AG Lucas-Cuevas, JI Priego Quesada, JV Giménez, I Aparicio, ...
European Journal of Sport Science, 1-8, 2016
Disinfection by-products effect on swimmers oxidative stress and respiratory damage
S Llana-Belloch, JI Priego Quesada, P Pérez-Soriano, ÁG Lucas-Cuevas, ...
European Journal of Sport Science 16 (5), 609-617, 2016
Handgrip strength and hand dimensions in high-level inter-university judoists
JM Cortell-Tormo, JA Pérez Turpin, ÁG Lucas Cuevas, P Pérez-Soriano, ...
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Effects of exercise in people with cerebral palsy. A review.
JI Priego Quesada, L Cuevas, Á Gabriel, S Llana Belloch, ...
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The effect of visual focus on spatio-temporal and kinematic parameters of treadmill running
ÁG Lucas-Cuevas, JIP Quesada, J Gooding, MGC Lewis, ...
Gait & Posture 59, 292-297, 2018
Effects of different backpack loads in acceleration transmission during recreational distance walking
AG Lucas-Cuevas, P Pérez-Soriano, M Bush, A Crossman, S Llana, ...
Journal of human kinetics 37 (1), 81-89, 2013
Effects of prefabricated and custom-made foot orthoses on skin temperature of the foot soles after running
M Gil-Calvo, JI Priego-Quesada, I Jimenez-Perez, A Lucas-Cuevas, ...
Physiological measurement 40 (5), 054004, 2019
Ankle muscle strength influence on muscle activation during dynamic and static ankle training modalities
AG Lucas-Cuevas, J Baltich, H Enders, S Nigg, B Nigg
Journal of sports sciences, 1-8, 2015
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