Charles Tahan
Charles Tahan
Laboratory for Physical Sciences
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Quantum phase transitions of light
AD Greentree, C Tahan, JH Cole, LCL Hollenberg
Nature Physics 2 (12), 856-861, 2006
Spin-valley lifetimes in a silicon quantum dot with tunable valley splitting
CH Yang, A Rossi, R Ruskov, NS Lai, FA Mohiyaddin, S Lee, C Tahan, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 2069, 2013
Controllable valley splitting in silicon quantum devices
S Goswami, KA Slinker, M Friesen, LM McGuire, JL Truitt, C Tahan, ...
Nature Physics 3 (1), 41-45, 2007
Valley splitting theory of Si Ge∕ Si∕ Si Ge quantum wells
M Friesen, S Chutia, C Tahan, SN Coppersmith
Physical Review B 75 (11), 115318, 2007
Decoherence of electron spin qubits in Si-based quantum computers
C Tahan, M Friesen, R Joynt
Physical Review B 66 (3), 035314, 2002
Spin-based quantum dot quantum computing in silicon
MA Eriksson, M Friesen, SN Coppersmith, R Joynt, LJ Klein, K Slinker, ...
Quantum Information Processing 3, 133-146, 2004
Rashba spin-orbit coupling and spin relaxation in silicon quantum wells
C Tahan, R Joynt
Physical Review B 71 (7), 075315, 2005
Electron spin resonance and spin–valley physics in a silicon double quantum dot
X Hao, R Ruskov, M Xiao, C Tahan, HW Jiang
Nature communications 5 (1), 3860, 2014
Quantum fluctuations, temperature, and detuning effects in solid-light systems
M Aichhorn, M Hohenadler, C Tahan, PB Littlewood
Physical Review Letters 100 (21), 216401, 2008
Sound-based analogue of cavity quantum electrodynamics in silicon
ÖO Soykal, R Ruskov, C Tahan
Physical review letters 107 (23), 235502, 2011
Spin-orbit coupling and operation of multivalley spin qubits
M Veldhorst, R Ruskov, CH Yang, JCC Hwang, FE Hudson, ME Flatté, ...
Physical Review B 92 (20), 201401, 2015
Quantum phase transitions in photonic cavities with two-level systems
MI Makin, JH Cole, C Tahan, LCL Hollenberg, AD Greentree
Physical Review A 77 (5), 053819, 2008
Probing quantum information propagation with out-of-time-ordered correlators
J Braumüller, AH Karamlou, Y Yanay, B Kannan, D Kim, M Kjaergaard, ...
Nature Physics 18 (2), 172-178, 2022
Coulomb blockade in a silicon/silicon–germanium two-dimensional electron gas quantum dot
LJ Klein, KA Slinker, JL Truitt, S Goswami, KLM Lewis, SN Coppersmith, ...
Applied Physics Letters 84 (20), 4047-4049, 2004
Relaxation of excited spin, orbital, and valley qubit states in ideal silicon quantum dots
C Tahan, R Joynt
Physical Review B 89 (7), 075302, 2014
Charge-noise-insensitive gate operations for always-on, exchange-only qubits
YP Shim, C Tahan
Physical Review B 93 (12), 121410, 2016
On-chip cavity quantum phonodynamics with an acceptor qubit in silicon
R Ruskov, C Tahan
Physical Review B 88 (6), 064308, 2013
Entangling distant resonant exchange qubits via circuit quantum electrodynamics
V Srinivasa, JM Taylor, C Tahan
Physical Review B 94 (20), 205421, 2016
Spin readout and initialization in a semiconductor quantum dot
M Friesen, C Tahan, R Joynt, MA Eriksson
Physical review letters 92 (3), 037901, 2004
Microwave-free control of a superconductor-based quantum computer
S Yun-Pil, CG Tahan
US Patent 9,996,801, 2018
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