Sumiran Pujari
Sumiran Pujari
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Néel-State to Valence-Bond-Solid Transition on the Honeycomb Lattice:<? format?> Evidence for Deconfined Criticality
S Pujari, K Damle, F Alet
Physical Review Letters 111 (8), 087203, 2013
Interaction-Induced Dirac Fermions from Quadratic Band Touching in Bilayer Graphene
S Pujari, TC Lang, G Murthy, RK Kaul
Physical review letters 117 (8), 086404, 2016
Transitions to valence-bond solid order in a honeycomb lattice antiferromagnet
S Pujari, F Alet, K Damle
Physical Review B 91 (10), 104411, 2015
Sign-problem-free Monte Carlo simulation of certain frustrated quantum magnets
F Alet, K Damle, S Pujari
Physical review letters 117 (19), 197203, 2016
Emergent spin excitations in a Bethe lattice at percolation
HJ Changlani, S Ghosh, S Pujari, CL Henley
Physical review letters 111 (15), 157201, 2013
Role of Majorana fermions in high-harmonic generation from Kitaev chain
A Pattanayak, S Pujari, G Dixit
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 6722, 2022
Signatures of a Spin- Cooperative Paramagnet in the Diluted Triangular Lattice of
S Kundu, A Hossain, R Das, M Baenitz, PJ Baker, JC Orain, DC Joshi, ...
Physical review letters 125 (11), 117206, 2020
Gapless Quantum Spin Liquid in the Triangular System
S Kundu, A Shahee, A Chakraborty, KM Ranjith, B Koo, J Sichelschmidt, ...
Physical Review Letters 125 (26), 267202, 2020
Resonating quantum three-coloring wave functions for the kagome quantum antiferromagnet
HJ Changlani, S Pujari, CM Chung, BK Clark
Physical Review B 99 (10), 104433, 2019
Topological character of three-dimensional nexus triple point degeneracies
A Das, S Pujari
Physical Review B 102 (23), 235148, 2020
Bilayer Coulomb phase of two-dimensional dimer models: Absence of power-law columnar order
N Desai, S Pujari, K Damle
Physical Review E 103 (4), 042136, 2021
Unusual spin dynamics in the low-temperature magnetically ordered state of
A Chakraborty, V Kumar, S Bachhar, N Büttgen, K Yokoyama, PK Biswas, ...
Physical Review B 104 (11), 115106, 2021
Colorful points in the XY regime of XXZ quantum magnets
S Pal, P Sharma, HJ Changlani, S Pujari
Physical Review B 103 (14), 144414, 2021
Symmetry protection and giant Fermi arcs from multifold fermions in binary, ternary, and quaternary compounds
CK Barman, C Mondal, S Pujari, B Pathak, A Alam
Physical Review B 102 (15), 155147, 2020
Resummation-based quantum monte carlo for quantum paramagnetic phases
N Desai, S Pujari
Physical Review B 104 (6), L060406, 2021
Punctured-Chern topological invariants for semimetallic band structures
A Das, E Cornfeld, S Pujari
Physical review letters 130 (18), 186202, 2023
Investigation of one dimensional multi-layer periodic unit cell for structural base isolation
S Jain, S Pujari, A Laskar
Structures 34, 2151-2163, 2021
Effective hopping in holographic Bose and Fermi-Hubbard models
M Fujita, R Meyer, S Pujari, M Tezuka
Journal of High Energy Physics 2019 (1), 1-50, 2019
SU (3) fermions in a three-band graphene-like model
A Das, S Pujari
Physical Review B 100 (12), 125152, 2019
A solvable embedding mechanism for one-dimensional spinless and Majorana fermions in higher-dimensional spin-1/2 magnets
S Pujari
arXiv preprint arXiv:2406.17034, 2024
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