Domenico Vitulano
Domenico Vitulano
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A generalized model for scratch detection
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Wavelet-based signal de-noising via simple singularities approximation
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Computer aided analysis of the buildings
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A Wiener filter improvement combining wavelet domains
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On the equivalence between Jensen–Shannon divergence and Michelson contrast
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Computer-aided monitoring of buildings of historical importance based on color
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Visibility based detection and removal of semi-transparent blotches on archived documents
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On the time-frequency reassignment of interfering modes in multicomponent FM signals
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Color image coding combining linear prediction and iterated function systems
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A fast and robust spectrogram reassignment method
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Line Scratch Detection on Digital Images: An Energy Based Model.
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A hierarchical representation for content-based image retrieval
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Journal of Visual Languages & Computing 11 (4), 369-382, 2000
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