Patricia Mooney
Patricia Mooney
Professor Emerita of Physics, Simon Fraser University
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Deep donor levels (DX centers) in III‐V semiconductors
PM Mooney
Journal of Applied Physics 67 (3), R1-R26, 1990
Measurements of alloy composition and strain in thin GexSi1−x layers
JC Tsang, PM Mooney, F Dacol, JO Chu
Journal of applied physics 75 (12), 8098-8108, 1994
High performance CMOS fabricated on hybrid substrate with different crystal orientations
M Yang, M Ieong, L Shi, K Chan, V Chan, A Chou, E Gusev, K Jenkins, ...
IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2003, 18.7. 1-18.7. 4, 2003
Characteristics and device design of sub-100 nm strained Si N-and PMOSFETs
K Rim, J Chu, H Chen, KA Jenkins, T Kanarsky, K Lee, A Mocuta, H Zhu, ...
2002 Symposium on VLSI Technology. Digest of Technical Papers (Cat. No …, 2002
Defect energy levels in boron-doped silicon irradiated with 1-MeV electrons
PM Mooney, LJ Cheng, M Süli, JD Gerson, JW Corbett
Physical Review B 15 (8), 3836, 1977
Strained Si NMOSFETs for high performance CMOS technology
K Rim, S Koester, M Hargrove, J Chu, PM Mooney, J Ott, T Kanarsky, ...
2001 Symposium on VLSI Technology. Digest of Technical Papers (IEEE Cat. No …, 2001
Controllable valley splitting in silicon quantum devices
S Goswami, KA Slinker, M Friesen, LM McGuire, JL Truitt, C Tahan, ...
Nature Physics 3 (1), 41-45, 2007
High speed composite p-channel Si/SiGe heterostructure for field effect devices
JO Chu, R Hammond, KEE Ismail, SJ Koester, PM Mooney, JA Ott
US Patent 6,350,993, 2002
Influence of misfit dislocations on the surface morphology of Si1−xGex films
MA Lutz, RM Feenstra, FK LeGoues, PM Mooney, JO Chu
Applied Physics Letters 66 (6), 724-726, 1995
Electron Localization by a Metastable Donor Level in n− GaAs: A New Mechanism Limiting the Free-Carrier Density
TN Theis, PM Mooney, SL Wright
Physical review letters 60 (4), 361, 1988
Energy dependence of deep level introduction in electron irradiated GaAs
D Pons, PM Mooney, JC Bourgoin
Journal of Applied Physics 51 (4), 2038-2042, 1980
Properties of high‐purity AlxGa1−xAs grown by the metalorganic vapor‐phase‐epitaxy technique using methyl precursors
TF Kuech, DJ Wolford, E Veuhoff, V Deline, PM Mooney, R Potemski, ...
Journal of applied physics 62 (2), 632-643, 1987
Strain relaxation and dislocations in SiGe/Si structures
PM Mooney
Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 17 (3), 105-146, 1996
Identification of a mobility-limiting scattering mechanism in modulation-doped Si/SiGe heterostructures
K Ismail, FK LeGoues, KL Saenger, M Arafa, JO Chu, PM Mooney, ...
Physical review letters 73 (25), 3447, 1994
The capture barrier of the DX center in Si‐doped AlxGa1−xAs
PM Mooney, NS Caswell, SL Wright
Journal of applied physics 62 (12), 4786-4797, 1987
Raman scattering analysis of relaxed GexSi1−x alloy layers
PM Mooney, FH Dacol, JC Tsang, JO Chu
Applied Physics Letters 62 (17), 2069-2071, 1993
Relaxed SiGe layers on Si or silicon-on-insulator substrates by ion implantation and thermal annealing
SH Christiansen, JO Chu, A Grill, PM Mooney
US Patent 6,593,625, 2003
Method for fabrication of relaxed SiGe buffer layers on silicon-on-insulators and structures containing the same
SH Christiansen, A Grill, PM Mooney
US Patent 6,515,335, 2003
Spin-based quantum dot quantum computing in silicon
MA Eriksson, M Friesen, SN Coppersmith, R Joynt, LJ Klein, K Slinker, ...
Quantum Information Processing 3, 133-146, 2004
Effect of local alloy disorder on emission kinetics of deep donors (DX centers) in AlxGa1−xAs of low Al content
PM Mooney, TN Theis, SL Wright
Applied physics letters 53 (25), 2546-2548, 1988
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