Bert Pluymers
Bert Pluymers
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A lightweight vibro-acoustic metamaterial demonstrator: Numerical and experimental investigation
C Claeys, E Deckers, B Pluymers, W Desmet
Mechanical systems and signal processing 70, 853-880, 2016
Trefftz-based methods for time-harmonic acoustics
B Pluymers, B Van Hal, D Vandepitte, W Desmet
Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering 14, 343-381, 2007
The wave based method: An overview of 15 years of research
E Deckers, O Atak, L Coox, R D’Amico, H Devriendt, S Jonckheere, K Koo, ...
Wave Motion 51 (4), 550-565, 2014
Modeling and analysis of wet friction clutch engagement dynamics
S Iqbal, F Al-Bender, AP Ompusunggu, B Pluymers, W Desmet
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 60, 420-436, 2015
Model for predicting drag torque in open multi-disks wet clutches
S Iqbal, F Al-Bender, B Pluymers, W Desmet
Journal of Fluids Engineering 136 (2), 021103, 2014
Wind turbine drivetrains: state-of-the-art technologies and future development trends
AR Nejad, J Keller, Y Guo, S Sheng, H Polinder, S Watson, J Dong, Z Qin, ...
Wind Energy Science Discussions 2021, 1-35, 2021
Application of an efficient wave-based prediction technique for the analysis of vibro-acoustic radiation problems
B Pluymers, W Desmet, D Vandepitte, P Sas
Journal of computational and applied mathematics 168 (1-2), 353-364, 2004
Wave based modelling methods for steady-state vibro-acoustics
B Pluymers
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, 2006
On the use of a wave based prediction technique for steady-state structural-acoustic radiation analysis
B Pluymers, W Desmet, D Vandepitte, P Sas
Journal of Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 7 (2), 173-184, 2005
An efficient Wave Based Method for solving Helmholtz problems in three-dimensional bounded domains
B Van Genechten, O Atak, B Bergen, E Deckers, S Jonckheere, JS Lee, ...
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 36 (1), 63-75, 2012
Mathematical model and experimental evaluation of drag torque in disengaged wet clutches
S Iqbal, F Al-Bender, B Pluymers, W Desmet
International Scholarly Research Notices 2013, 2013
Characterization and modeling of the viscoelastic behavior of a self-adhesive rubber using dynamic mechanical analysis tests
L Rouleau, R Pirk, B Pluymers, W Desmet
Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management 7, 200-208, 2015
Wave propagation in locally resonant cylindrically curved metamaterial panels
A Nateghi, L Van Belle, C Claeys, E Deckers, B Pluymers, W Desmet
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 127, 73-90, 2017
Design and experimental validation of a metamaterial solution for improved noise and vibration behavior of pipes
A Nateghi, L Sangiuliano, C Claeys, E Deckers, B Pluymers, W Desmet
Journal of Sound and Vibration 455, 96-117, 2019
The wave-based substructuring approach for the efficient description of interface dynamics in substructuring
S Donders, B Pluymers, P Ragnarsson, R Hadjit, W Desmet
Journal of Sound and Vibration 329 (8), 1062-1080, 2010
Adaptive model reduction technique for large-scale dynamical systems with frequency-dependent damping
X Xie, H Zheng, S Jonckheere, A van de Walle, B Pluymers, W Desmet
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 332, 363-381, 2018
Vibro-acoustic analysis procedures for the evaluation of the sound insulation characteristics of agricultural machinery cabins
W Desmet, B Pluymers, P Sas
Journal of Sound and Vibration 266 (3), 407-441, 2003
A digital twin for operational evaluation of vertical transportation systems
M Gonzalez, O Salgado, J Croes, B Pluymers, W Desmet
Ieee Access 8, 114389-114400, 2020
Analytical solution for free vibrations of rotating cylindrical shells having free boundary conditions
N Alujević, N Campillo-Davo, P Kindt, W Desmet, B Pluymers, ...
Engineering structures 132, 152-171, 2017
H2 optimal vibration control using inertial actuators and a comparison with tuned mass dampers
N Alujević, G Zhao, B Depraetere, P Sas, B Pluymers, W Desmet
Journal of sound and vibration 333 (18), 4073-4083, 2014
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