Xuguang Yue
Xuguang Yue
Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, CAS
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Effective preparation and collisional decay of atomic condensates in excited bands of an optical lattice
Y Zhai, X Yue, Y Wu, X Chen, P Zhang, X Zhou
Physical Review A 87 (6), 063638, 2013
Imprinting light phase on matter-wave gratings in superradiance scattering
X Zhou, F Yang, X Yue, T Vogt, X Chen
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Manipulating the momentum state of a condensate by sequences of standing-wave pulses
W Xiong, X Yue, Z Wang, X Zhou, X Chen
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Observation of diffraction phases in matter-wave scattering
X Yue, Y Zhai, Z Wang, H Xiong, X Chen, X Zhou
Physical Review A 88 (1), 013603, 2013
Critical correlations in an ultra-cold Bose gas revealed by means of a temporal Talbot–Lau interferometer
W Xiong, X Zhou, X Yue, X Chen, B Wu, H Xiong
Laser Physics Letters 10 (12), 125502, 2013
Optical Talbot carpet with atomic density gratings obtained by standing-wave manipulation
C Li, T Zhou, Y Zhai, X Yue, J Xiang, S Yang, W Xiong, X Chen
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Observation of atom-number fluctuations in optical lattices via quantum collapse and revival dynamics
T Zhou, K Yang, Z Zhu, X Yu, S Yang, W Xiong, X Zhou, X Chen, C Li, ...
Physical Review A 99 (1), 013602, 2019
High precision calibration of optical lattice depth based on multiple pulses Kapitza-Dirac diffraction
T Zhou, K Yang, Y Zhai, X Yue, S Yang, J Xiang, Q Huang, W Xiong, ...
Optics express 26 (13), 16726-16735, 2018
Exploring multiband excitations of interacting Bose gases in a one-dimensional optical lattice by coherent scattering
X Liu, X Zhou, W Zhang, T Vogt, B Lu, X Yue, X Chen
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A momentum filter for atomic gas
W Xiong, X Zhou, X Yue, Y Zhai, X Chen
New Journal of Physics 15 (6), 063025, 2013
Superfluid-Mott-Insulator Transition in an Optical Lattice with Adjustable Ensemble-Averaged Filling Factors
S Yang, T Zhou, C Li, K Yang, Y Zhai, X Yue, X Chen
Chinese Physics Letters 37 (4), 040301, 2020
Dimension Crossing Turbulent Cascade in an Excited Lattice Bose Gas
T Zhou, R Yao, K Yang, S Jin, Y Zhai, X Yue, S Yang, X Zhou, X Chen, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.13252, 2019
Two-dimensional Talbot effect with atomic density gratings
C Li, TW Zhou, JG Xiang, YY Zhai, XG Yue, SF Yang, W Xiong, XZ Chen
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Matter wave interference of dilute Bose gases in the critical regime
X Yue, S Liu, B Wu, H Xiong
Chinese Physics B 26 (5), 050501, 2017
Measurement of Critical correlations in an ultracold Bose gas by means of a temporal Talbot-Lau interferometery
X Chen, W Xiong, Y Zhai, X Yue, B Wu, H Xiong, X Zhou
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 488 (1), 012026, 2014
Interference effect of critical ultra-cold atomic Bose gases
X Yue, S Liu, H Xiong
The European Physical Journal Plus 131, 1-9, 2016
Multiple photon-echo rephasing of coherent matter waves
R Pan, X Yue, X Xu, H Lu, X Zhou
Physics Letters A 379 (7), 691-695, 2015
Reduction of the Differential Light Shift by the Spatial Periodicity in an Optical Lattice
XG Yue, X Xu, XZ Chen, XJ Zhou
Chinese Physics Letters 30 (10), 103701, 2013
High Order Momentum States by Light Wave Scattering
X Zhou, X Yue
Interferometry-Research and Applications in Science and Technology, 2012
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