Tymoteusz Ciuk
Tymoteusz Ciuk
Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics
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Production and processing of graphene and related materials
C Backes, AM Abdelkader, C Alonso, A Andrieux-Ledier, R Arenal, ...
2D Materials 7 (2), 022001, 2020
Graphene’s nonlinear-optical physics revealed through exponentially growing self-phase modulation
N Vermeulen, D Castelló-Lurbe, M Khoder, I Pasternak, A Krajewska, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 2675, 2018
Negative Kerr nonlinearity of graphene as seen via chirped-pulse-pumped self-phase modulation
N Vermeulen, D Castelló-Lurbe, JL Cheng, I Pasternak, A Krajewska, ...
Physical Review Applied 6 (4), 044006, 2016
Properties of chemical vapor deposition graphene transferred by high-speed electrochemical delamination
T Ciuk, I Pasternak, A Krajewska, J Sobieski, P Caban, J Szmidt, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (40), 20833-20837, 2013
Sensitivity and offset voltage testing in the hall-effect sensors made of graphene
O Petruk, R Szewczyk, T Ciuk, W Strupiński, J Salach, M Nowicki, ...
Recent Advances in Automation, Robotics and Measuring Techniques, 631-640, 2014
Growing graphene on polycrystalline copper foils by ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor deposition
NS Mueller, AJ Morfa, D Abou-Ras, V Oddone, T Ciuk, M Giersig
Carbon 78, 347-355, 2014
Fabrication and applications of multi-layer graphene stack on transparent polymer
A Krajewska, I Pasternak, G Sobon, J Sotor, A Przewloka, T Ciuk, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (4), 2017
Statistics of epitaxial graphene for Hall effect sensors
T Ciuk, W Strupinski
Carbon 93, 1042-1049, 2015
A W-band MMIC resistive mixer based on epitaxial graphene FET
O Habibpour, ZS He, W Strupinski, N Rorsman, T Ciuk, P Ciepielewski, ...
IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters 27 (2), 168-170, 2017
Graphene FET gigabit ON–OFF keying demodulator at 96 GHz
O Habibpour, ZS He, W Strupinski, N Rorsman, T Ciuk, P Ciepielewski, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 37 (3), 333-336, 2016
Charge carrier concentration and offset voltage in quasi-free-standing monolayer chemical vapor deposition graphene on SiC
T Ciuk, P Caban, W Strupinski
Carbon 101, 431-438, 2016
Step-edge-induced resistance anisotropy in quasi-free-standing bilayer chemical vapor deposition graphene on SiC
T Ciuk, S Cakmakyapan, E Ozbay, P Caban, K Grodecki, A Krajewska, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (12), 2014
Low-noise epitaxial graphene on SiC Hall effect element for commercial applications
T Ciuk, O Petruk, A Kowalik, I Jozwik, A Rychter, J Szmidt, W Strupinski
Applied Physics Letters 108 (22), 2016
High-temperature Hall effect sensor based on epitaxial graphene on high-purity semiinsulating 4H-SiC
T Ciuk, B Stanczyk, K Przyborowska, D Czolak, A Dobrowolski, J Jagiello, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 66 (7), 3134-3138, 2019
Laser ablation-and plasma etching-based patterning of graphene on silicon-on-insulator waveguides
J Van Erps, T Ciuk, I Pasternak, A Krajewska, W Strupinski, S Van Put, ...
Optics express 23 (20), 26639-26650, 2015
Complex conductivity of YBCO films in normal and superconducting states probed by microwave measurements
J Krupka, J Wosik, C Jastrzębski, T Ciuk, J Mazierska, M Zdrojek
IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity 23 (2), 1501011-1501011, 2013
Graphene on SiC as a promising platform for magnetic field detection under neutron irradiation
S El-Ahmar, MJ Szary, T Ciuk, R Prokopowicz, A Dobrowolski, J Jagiełło, ...
Applied Surface Science 590, 152992, 2022
Thermally activated double-carrier transport in epitaxial graphene on vanadium-compensated 6H-SiC as revealed by Hall effect measurements
T Ciuk, A Kozlowski, PP Michalowski, W Kaszub, M Kozubal, Z Rekuc, ...
Carbon 139, 776-781, 2018
Determining the number of graphene layers based on Raman response of the SiC substrate
A Dobrowolski, J Jagiełło, D Czołak, T Ciuk
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 134, 114853, 2021
The impact of partial H intercalation on the quasi-free-standing properties of graphene on SiC (0001)
MJ Szary, S El-Ahmar, T Ciuk
Applied Surface Science 541, 148668, 2021
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