Stefan Schwaiger
Stefan Schwaiger
Universität Innsbruck, Institut für Pharmazie/Pharmakognosie
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Discovery and resupply of pharmacologically active plant-derived natural products: A review
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Characterization of an UV-and VIS-absorbing, purpurogallin-derived secondary pigment new to algae and highly abundant in M esotaenium berggrenii (Z ygnematophyceae, Chlorophyta …
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NF-κB Inhibitors from Eurycoma longifolia
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Distribution of a New Rosmarinic Acid Derivative in Eryngium alpinum L. and Other Apiaceae
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Apoptosis and necrosis: two different outcomes of cigarette smoke condensate-induced endothelial cell death
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Quantitative analysis of iridoids, secoiridoids, xanthones and xanthone glycosides in Gentiana lutea L. roots by RP-HPLC and LC–MS
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Identification and pharmacological characterization of the anti-inflammatory principal of the leaves of dwarf elder (Sambucus ebulus L.)
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Seasonal variation in the chemical composition of two chemotypes of Lippia alba
AF Gomes, MP Almeida, MF Leite, S Schwaiger, H Stuppner, ...
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Lignan Derivatives from Krameria lappacea Roots Inhibit Acute Inflammation in Vivo and Pro-inflammatory Mediators in Vitro
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MJ Dobner, S Schwaiger, IH Jenewein, H Stuppner
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Screening of Vietnamese medicinal plants for NF-κB signaling inhibitors: assessing the activity of flavonoids from the stem bark of Oroxylum indicum
TVA Tran, C Malainer, S Schwaiger, T Hung, AG Atanasov, EH Heiss, ...
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Leoligin, the major lignan from Edelweiss, inhibits intimal hyperplasia of venous bypass grafts
U Reisinger, S Schwaiger, I Zeller, B Messner, R Stigler, D Wiedemann, ...
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Leontopodic acid—a novel highly substituted glucaric acid derivative from Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum Cass.) and its antioxidative and DNA protecting properties
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Metabolic fingerprinting of Leontopodium species (Asteraceae) by means of 1H NMR and HPLC–ESI-MS
S Safer, SS Cicek, V Pieri, S Schwaiger, P Schneider, V Wissemann, ...
Phytochemistry 72 (11-12), 1379-1389, 2011
Cotinus coggygria wood: Novel flavanone dimer and development of an HPLC/UV/MS method for the simultaneous determination of fourteen phenolic constituents
DS Antal, S Schwaiger, EP Ellmerer-Müller, H Stuppner
Planta medica 76 (15), 1765-1772, 2010
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S Schwaiger, M Adams, C Seger, EP Ellmerer, R Bauer, H Stuppner
Planta Medica 70 (10), 978-985, 2004
New Lignan, Benzofuran, and Sesquiterpene Derivatives from the Roots of Leontopodium alpinum and L. leontopodioides
MJ Dobner, EP Ellmerer, S Schwaiger, O Batsugkh, S Narantuya, M Stütz, ...
Helvetica Chimica Acta 86 (3), 733-738, 2003
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