Indrek Reile
Indrek Reile
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Tallinn, Estonia
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New chiral cyclohexylhemicucurbit [6] uril
R Aav, E Shmatova, I Reile, M Borissova, F Topić, K Rissanen
Organic letters 15 (14), 3786-3789, 2013
A New Ir‐NHC Catalyst for Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange in D2O
P Spannring, I Reile, MSM Emondts, PPM Schleker, MSNKJ Hermkens
Chem. Eur.J. 22 (27), 9277–9282, 2016
Template-controlled synthesis of chiral cyclohexylhemicucurbit [8] uril
E Prigorchenko, M Öeren, S Kaabel, M Fomitšenko, I Reile, I Järving, ...
Chemical Communications 51 (54), 10921-10924, 2015
NMR detection in biofluid extracts at sub-μM concentrations via para-H 2 induced hyperpolarization
I Reile, N Eshuis, NKJ Hermkens, BJA Van Weerdenburg, MC Feiters, ...
Analyst 141 (13), 4001-4005, 2016
DOSY Analysis of Micromolar Analytes: Resolving Dilute Mixtures by SABRE Hyperpolarization
I Reile, RLEG Aspers, JM Tyburn, JG Kempf, MC Feiters, FPJT Rutjes, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (31), 9174-9177, 2017
Parahydrogen induced hyperpolarization provides a tool for NMR metabolomics at nanomolar concentrations
L Sellies, I Reile, RLEG Aspers, MC Feiters, FPJT Rutjes, M Tessari
Chemical Communications 55 (50), 7235-7238, 2019
Developing analytical applications for parahydrogen hyperpolarization: urinary elimination pharmacokinetics of nicotine
N Reimets, K Ausmees, S Vija, I Reile
Analytical Chemistry 93 (27), 9480-9485, 2021
Resolving dosy spectra of isomers by methanol-d (4) solvent effects
I Reile, RLEG Aspers, MC Feiters, F Rutjes, M Tessari
Magn. Reson. Chem. 55, 759–762, 2017
A quantitative method for analysis of mixtures of homologues and stereoisomers of hemicucurbiturils that allows us to follow their formation and stability
M Fomitšenko, A Peterson, I Reile, H Cong, S Kaabel, E Prigorchenko, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 41 (6), 2490-2497, 2017
Lipase-catalyzed stereoresolution of long-chain 1, 2-alkanediols: A screening of preferable reaction conditions
J Parve, I Reile, T Aid, M Kudrjašova, AM Müürisepp, I Vallikivi, L Villo, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 116, 60-69, 2015
An NMR and MD modeling insight into nucleation of 1, 2-alkanediols: selective crystallization of lipase-catalytically resolved enantiomers from the reaction mixtures
O Parve, I Reile, J Parve, S Kasvandik, M Kudrjasova, S Tamp, A Metsala, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 78 (24), 12795-12801, 2013
Cyclopentane-1, 2-dione bis (tert-butyldimethylsilyl) enol ether in asymmetric organocatalytic Mukaiyama–Michael reactions
I Reile, A Paju, T Kanger, I Järving, M Lopp
Tetrahedron Letters 53 (12), 1476-1478, 2012
Oxidation of cyclopentane-1, 2-dione: a study with 18O labeled reagents
I Reile, A Paju, AM Müürisepp, T Pehk, M Lopp
Tetrahedron 67 (33), 5942-5948, 2011
Parahydrogen hyperpolarization of minimally altered urine samples for sensitivity enhanced NMR metabolomics
K Ausmees, N Reimets, I Reile
Chemical Communications 58, 463-466, 2022
Structural variability and rheological properties of furcellaran
M Saluri, KL Kaljuvee, T Paalme, I Reile, R Tuvikene
Food Hydrocolloids 111, 106227, 2021
Heterogeneous platinum catalytic aerobic oxidation of cyclopentane-1, 2-diols to cyclopentane-1, 2-diones
I Reile, S Kalle, F Werner, I Jaerving, M Kudrjashova, A Paju, M Lopp
Tetrahedron 70 (22), 3608-3613, 2014
Excess of threonine compared with serine promotes threonine aldolase activity in Lactococcus lactis IL1403
K Aller, K Adamberg, I Reile, V Timarova, K Peebo, R Vilu
Microbiology 161 (5), 1073-1080, 2015
Aerobic oxidation of cyclopentane-1, 2-diols to cyclopentane-1, 2-diones on Pt/C catalyst
I Reile, A Paju, M Eek, T Pehk, M Lopp
Synlett 2008 (03), 347-350, 2008
Understanding Parahydrogen Hyperpolarized Urine Spectra: The Case of Adenosine Derivatives
K Ausmees, N Reimets, I Reile
Molecules 27 (3), 802, 2022
Scalable Lipase-Catalyzed Synthesis of (R)-4-(Acyloxy)pentanoic Acids from Racemic γ-Valerolactone
J Parve, M Kudryašova, T Shalima, L Villo, I Liblikas, I Reile, T Pehk, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9 (4), 1494-1499, 2021
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