Giuliano Benenti
Giuliano Benenti
Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems, Como, Univ. Insubria
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Principles of quantum computation and information-volume I: Basic concepts
G Benenti, G Casati, G Strini
World scientific, 2004
Fundamental aspects of steady-state conversion of heat to work at the nanoscale
G Benenti, G Casati, K Saito, RS Whitney
Physics Reports 694, 1-124, 2017
Thermodynamic bounds on efficiency for systems with broken time-reversal symmetry
G Benenti, K Saito, G Casati
Physical review letters 106 (23), 230602, 2011
Quantum-classical correspondence in perturbed chaotic systems
G Benenti, G Casati
Physical Review E 65 (6), 066205, 2002
Experimental on-demand recovery of entanglement by local operations within non-Markovian dynamics
A Orieux, A d'Arrigo, G Ferranti, RL Franco, G Benenti, E Paladino, G Falci, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 8575, 2015
Principles of quantum computation and information: Basic tools and special topics
G Benenti, G Casati, G Strini
World scientific, 2004
Recovering entanglement by local operations
A D’Arrigo, RL Franco, G Benenti, E Paladino, G Falci
Annals of Physics 350, 211-224, 2014
Charge and spin transport in strongly correlated one-dimensional quantum systems driven far from equilibrium
G Benenti, G Casati, T Prosen, D Rossini, M Žnidarič
Physical Review B 80 (3), 035110, 2009
Efficient quantum computing of complex dynamics
G Benenti, G Casati, S Montangero, DL Shepelyansky
Physical Review Letters 87 (22), 227901, 2001
Thermoelectric efficiency of three-terminal quantum thermal machines
F Mazza, R Bosisio, G Benenti, V Giovannetti, R Fazio, F Taddei
New Journal of Physics 16 (8), 085001, 2014
New quantum phase between the Fermi glass and the Wigner crystal in two dimensions
G Benenti, X Waintal, JL Pichard
Physical review letters 83 (9), 1826, 1999
Thermopower with broken time-reversal symmetry
K Saito, G Benenti, G Casati, T Prosen
Physical Review B 84 (20), 201306, 2011
Quantum ratchets in dissipative chaotic systems
GG Carlo, G Benenti, G Casati, DL Shepelyansky
Physical review letters 94 (16), 164101, 2005
Negative differential conductivity in far-from-equilibrium quantum spin chains
G Benenti, G Casati, T Prosen, D Rossini
Europhysics Letters 85 (3), 37001, 2009
Thermalization and ergodicity in one-dimensional many-body open quantum systems
M Žnidarič, T Prosen, G Benenti, G Casati, D Rossini
Physical Review E 81 (5), 051135, 2010
Quantum simulation of the single-particle Schrödinger equation
G Benenti, G Strini
American Journal of Physics 76 (7), 657-662, 2008
Efficiency of three-terminal thermoelectric transport under broken time-reversal symmetry
V Balachandran, G Benenti, G Casati
Physical Review B 87 (16), 165419, 2013
Entanglement across a transition to quantum chaos
C Mejía-Monasterio, G Benenti, GG Carlo, G Casati
Physical Review A 71 (6), 062324, 2005
Quantum capacity of dephasing channels with memory
A D'Arrigo, G Benenti, G Falci
New Journal of Physics 9 (9), 310, 2007
Thermoelectric properties of an interacting quantum dot based heat engine
PA Erdman, F Mazza, R Bosisio, G Benenti, R Fazio, F Taddei
Physical Review B 95 (24), 245432, 2017
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