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Dr Andrew Minett
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Large‐scale exfoliation of inorganic layered compounds in aqueous surfactant solutions
RJ Smith, PJ King, M Lotya, C Wirtz, U Khan, S De, A O'Neill, ...
Advanced materials 23 (34), 3944-3948, 2011
BiVO4/CeO2 Nanocomposites with High Visible-Light-Induced Photocatalytic Activity
N Wetchakun, S Chaiwichain, B Inceesungvorn, K Pingmuang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (7), 3718-3723, 2012
Edge-enriched graphene quantum dots for enhanced photo-luminescence and supercapacitance
M Hassan, E Haque, KR Reddy, AI Minett, J Chen, VG Gomes
Nanoscale 6 (20), 11988-11994, 2014
Scalable one‐step wet‐spinning of graphene fibers and yarns from liquid crystalline dispersions of graphene oxide: towards multifunctional textiles
R Jalili, SH Aboutalebi, D Esrafilzadeh, RL Shepherd, J Chen, ...
Advanced functional materials 23 (43), 5345-5354, 2013
Dichotomous adsorption behaviour of dyes on an amino-functionalised metal–organic framework, amino-MIL-101 (Al)
E Haque, V Lo, AI Minett, AT Harris, TL Church
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (1), 193-203, 2014
High-performance multifunctional graphene yarns: toward wearable all-carbon energy storage textiles
SH Aboutalebi, R Jalili, D Esrafilzadeh, M Salari, Z Gholamvand, ...
ACS nano 8 (3), 2456-2466, 2014
Hierarchical assembly of graphene/polyaniline nanostructures to synthesize free-standing supercapacitor electrode
M Hassan, KR Reddy, E Haque, SN Faisal, S Ghasemi, AI Minett, ...
Composites science and technology 98, 1-8, 2014
A New Raman Metric for the Characterisation of Graphene oxide and its Derivatives
AAK King, BR Davies, N Noorbehesht, P Newman, TL Church, AT Harris, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-6, 2016
Development of MoS2–CNT Composite Thin Film from Layered MoS2 for Lithium Batteries
JZ Wang, L Lu, M Lotya, JN Coleman, SL Chou, HK Liu, AI Minett, J Chen
Advanced Energy Materials 3 (6), 798-805, 2013
V2O5 nanofibre sheet actuators
G Gu, M Schmid, PW Chiu, A Minett, J Fraysse, GT Kim, S Roth, M Kozlov, ...
Nature materials 2 (5), 316-319, 2003
A review of techno-economic models for the retrofitting of conventional pulverised-coal power plants for post-combustion capture (PCC) of CO 2
M Zhao, AI Minett, AT Harris
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (1), 25-40, 2013
Flexible, aligned carbon nanotube/conducting polymer electrodes for a lithium-ion battery
J Chen, Y Liu, AI Minett, C Lynam, J Wang, GG Wallace
Chemistry of Materials 19 (15), 3595-3597, 2007
High-yield aqueous phase exfoliation of graphene for facile nanocomposite synthesis via emulsion polymerization
M Hassan, KR Reddy, E Haque, AI Minett, VG Gomes
Journal of colloid and interface science 410, 43-51, 2013
Carbon nanotube architectures as catalyst supports for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
W Zhang, P Sherrell, AI Minett, JM Razal, J Chen
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (9), 1286-1293, 2010
Hydrothermal functionalisation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
GS Duesberg, R Graupner, P Downes, A Minett, L Ley, S Roth, ...
Synthetic metals 142 (1-3), 263-266, 2004
Grafting carbon nanotubes directly onto carbon fibers for superior mechanical stability: Towards next generation aerospace composites and energy storage applications
MS Islam, Y Deng, L Tong, SN Faisal, AK Roy, AI Minett, VG Gomes
Carbon 96, 701-710, 2016
Compositional effects of PEDOT-PSS/single walled carbon nanotube films on supercapacitor device performance
D Antiohos, G Folkes, P Sherrell, S Ashraf, GG Wallace, P Aitchison, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (40), 15987-15994, 2011
Direct growth of flexible carbon nanotube electrodes
J Chen, AI Minett, Y Liu, C Lynam, P Sherrell, C Wang, GG Wallace
Advanced Materials 20 (3), 566-570, 2008
Carbon nanotubes: their potential and pitfalls for bone tissue regeneration and engineering
P Newman, A Minett, R Ellis-Behnke, H Zreiqat
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, biology and medicine 9 (8), 1139-1158, 2013
Interconnecting carbon nanotubes with an inorganic metal complex
F Frehill, JG Vos, S Benrezzak, AA Koos, Z Konya, MG Ruther, WJ Blau, ...
J. Am. Chem. Soc 124 (13), 694-13, 2002
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