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Raffaella Balestrini
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Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as natural biofertilizers: let's benefit from past successes
A Berruti, E Lumini, R Balestrini, V Bianciotto
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 169741, 2016
Genome of an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus provides insight into the oldest plant symbiosis
E Tisserant, M Malbreil, A Kuo, A Kohler, A Symeonidi, R Balestrini, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (50), 20117-20122, 2013
Périgord black truffle genome uncovers evolutionary origins and mechanisms of symbiosis
F Martin, A Kohler, C Murat, R Balestrini, PM Coutinho, O Jaillon, ...
Nature 464 (7291), 1033-1038, 2010
The transcriptome of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices (DAOM 197198) reveals functional tradeoffs in an obligate symbiont
E Tisserant, A Kohler, P Dozolme‐Seddas, R Balestrini, K Benabdellah, ...
New phytologist 193 (3), 755-769, 2012
A Mycorrhizal-Specific Ammonium Transporter from Lotus japonicus Acquires Nitrogen Released by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
M Guether, B Neuhäuser, R Balestrini, M Dynowski, U Ludewig, ...
Plant Physiology 150 (1), 73-83, 2009
Genome‐wide reprogramming of regulatory networks, transport, cell wall and membrane biogenesis during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in Lotus japonicus
M Guether, R Balestrini, M Hannah, J He, MK Udvardi, P Bonfante
New Phytologist 182 (1), 200-212, 2009
Insights on the impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis on tomato tolerance to water stress
W Chitarra, C Pagliarani, B Maserti, E Lumini, I Siciliano, P Cascone, ...
Plant Physiology 171 (2), 1009-1023, 2016
Laser microdissection reveals that transcripts for five plant and one fungal phosphate transporter genes are contemporaneously present in arbusculated cells
R Balestrini, J Gómez-Ariza, L Lanfranco, P Bonfante
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 20 (9), 1055-1062, 2007
Transcriptome analysis of arbuscular mycorrhizal roots during development of the prepenetration apparatus
V Siciliano, A Genre, R Balestrini, G Cappellazzo, PJGM dewit, ...
Plant Physiology 144 (3), 1455-1466, 2007
GintAMT2, a new member of the ammonium transporter family in the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices
J Pérez-Tienda, PS Testillano, R Balestrini, V Fiorilli, C Azcón-Aguilar, ...
Fungal Genetics and Biology 48 (11), 1044-1055, 2011
Mucoid Mutants of the Biocontrol Strain Pseudomonas fluorescens CHA0 Show Increased Ability in Biofilm Formation on Mycorrhizal and Nonmycorrhizal Carrot …
V Bianciotto, S Andreotti, R Balestrini, P Bonfante, S Perotto
Molecular plant-microbe interactions 14 (2), 255-260, 2001
An overview of atmospheric deposition chemistry over the Alps: present status and long-term trends
M Rogora, R Mosello, S Arisci, MC Brizzio, A Barbieri, R Balestrini, ...
Hydrobiologia 562, 17-40, 2006
Cell wall remodeling in mycorrhizal symbiosis: a way towards biotrophism
R Balestrini, P Bonfante
Frontiers in plant science 5, 86169, 2014
Fungal and plant gene expression in the Tulasnella calosporaSerapias vomeracea symbiosis provides clues about nitrogen pathways in orchid mycorrhizas
V Fochi, W Chitarra, A Kohler, S Voyron, VR Singan, EA Lindquist, ...
New Phytologist 213 (1), 365-379, 2017
Fungal and plant gene expression in arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis
R Balestrini, L Lanfranco
Mycorrhiza 16 (8), 509-524, 2006
Physiological analysis of mutants indicates involvement of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae GPI-anchored protein gp115 in morphogenesis and cell separation
L Popolo, M Vai, E Gatti, S Porello, P Bonfante, R Balestrini, L Alberghina
Journal of bacteriology 175 (7), 1879-1885, 1993
Extracellular polysaccharides are involved in the attachment of Azospirillum brasilense and Rhizobium leguminosarum to arbuscular mycorrhizal structures
V Bianciotto, S Andreotti, R Balestrini, P Bonfante, S Perotto
European journal of histochemistry 45 (1), 39-50, 2001
The Grapevine Root-Specific Aquaporin VvPIP2;4N Controls Root Hydraulic Conductance and Leaf Gas Exchange under Well-Watered Conditions But Not under …
I Perrone, G Gambino, W Chitarra, M Vitali, C Pagliarani, N Riccomagno, ...
Plant physiology 160 (2), 965-977, 2012
The Major Antigenic Membrane Protein of “Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris” Selectively Interacts with ATP Synthase and Actin of Leafhopper Vectors
L Galetto, D Bosco, R Balestrini, A Genre, J Fletcher, C Marzachì
Plos one 6 (7), e22571, 2011
Storage and secretion processes in the spore of Gigaspora margarita Becker &Hall as revealed by high‐pressure freezing and freeze substitution
P Bonfante, R Balestrini, K MEND GEN
New phytologist 128 (1), 93-101, 1994
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