Sudeep Bhattacharjee
Sudeep Bhattacharjee
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Folded waveguide traveling-wave tube sources for terahertz radiation
S Bhattacharjee, JH Booske, CL Kory, DW Van Der Weide, S Limbach, ...
IEEE transactions on plasma science 32 (3), 1002-1014, 2004
Accurate parametric modeling of folded waveguide circuits for millimeter-wave traveling wave tubes
JH Booske, MC Converse, CL Kory, CT Chevalier, DA Gallagher, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 52 (5), 685-694, 2005
Experimental investigation of transition from Fowler–Nordheim field emission to space-charge-limited flows in a nanogap
S Bhattacharjee, T Chowdhury
Applied Physics Letters 95 (6), 2009
Experimental study of space-charge-limited flows in a nanogap
S Bhattacharjee, A Vartak, V Mukherjee
Applied Physics Letters 92 (19), 2008
Generation of chaotic radiation in a driven traveling wave tube amplifier with time-delayed feedback
C Marchewka, P Larsen, S Bhattacharjee, J Booske, S Sengele, N Ryskin, ...
Physics of plasmas 13 (1), 2006
Production of microwave plasma in narrow cross sectional tubes: Effect of the shape of cross section
S Bhattacharjee, H Amemiya
Review of scientific instruments 70 (8), 3332-3337, 1999
Surface conductivity dependent dynamic behaviour of an ultrafine atmospheric pressure plasma jet for microscale surface processing
T Abuzairi, M Okada, S Bhattacharjee, M Nagatsu
Applied Surface Science 390, 489-496, 2016
Subcutoff microwave driven plasma ion sources for multielemental focused ion beam systems
JV Mathew, A Chowdhury, S Bhattacharjee
Review of scientific instruments 79 (6), 2008
Microwave guiding and intense plasma generation at subcutoff dimensions for focused ion beams
JV Mathew, I Dey, S Bhattacharjee
Applied Physics Letters 91 (4), 2007
Novel TWT interaction circuits for high frequency applications
C Kory, L Ives, M Read, P Phillips, J Booske, S Bhattacharjee, J Welter, ...
Fifth IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IEEE Cat. No …, 2004
Microwave plasma in a multicusp circular waveguide with a dimension below cutoff
SBS Bhattacharjee, HAH Amemiya
Japanese journal of applied physics 37 (10R), 5742, 1998
Penetration and screening of perpendicularly launched electromagnetic waves through bounded supercritical plasma confined in multicusp magnetic field
I Dey, S Bhattacharjee
Physics of Plasmas 18 (2), 2011
Surface wettability of an atomically heterogeneous system and the resulting intermolecular forces
S Chatterjee, S Bhattacharjee, SK Maurya, V Srinivasan, K Khare, ...
Europhysics Letters 118 (6), 68006, 2017
Experimental investigation of standing wave interactions with a magnetized plasma in a minimum-B field
I Dey, S Bhattacharjee
Physics of plasmas 15 (12), 2008
Production of pulsed microwave plasma in a tube with a radius below the cut-off value
S Bhattacharjee, H Amemiya
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 33 (9), 1104, 2000
Anisotropy induced wave birefringence in bounded supercritical plasma confined in a multicusp magnetic field
I Dey, S Bhattacharjee
Applied physics letters 98 (15), 2011
Plasma buildup by short-pulse high-power microwaves
S Bhattacharjee, H Amemiya, Y Yano
Journal of Applied Physics 89 (7), 3573-3579, 2001
Wetting hysteresis of atomically heterogeneous systems created by low energy inert gas ion irradiation on metal surfaces: Liquid thin film coverage in the receding mode and …
S Chatterjee, KP Singh, S Bhattacharjee
Applied Surface Science 470, 773-782, 2019
Ion energy distribution near a plasma meniscus with beam extraction for multi element focused ion beams
JV Mathew, S Paul, S Bhattacharjee
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (9), 2010
Comprehensive simulations of compact THz radiation sources using microfabricated, folded waveguide TWTs
S Bhattacharjee, CL Kory, WJ Lee, S Gallagher, DW Van der Weide, ...
Third IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IEEE Cat. No …, 2002
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