Xiaoguang Li
Xiaoguang Li
Institute for Advanced Study, Shenzhen University
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Visible quantum dot light-emitting diodes with simultaneous high brightness and efficiency
H Shen, Q Gao, Y Zhang, Y Lin, Q Lin, Z Li, L Chen, Z Zeng, X Li, Y Jia, ...
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Landau damping of quantum plasmons in metal nanostructures
X Li, D Xiao, Z Zhang
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Quantum‐dot light‐emitting diodes for outdoor displays with high stability at high brightness
X Li, Q Lin, J Song, H Shen, H Zhang, LS Li, X Li, Z Du
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Spin-triplet-mediated up-conversion and crossover behavior in single-molecule electroluminescence
G Chen, Y Luo, H Gao, J Jiang, Y Yu, L Zhang, Y Zhang, X Li, Z Zhang, ...
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Unusual and tunable one-photon nonlinearity in gold-dye plexcitonic Fano systems
F Nan, YF Zhang, X Li, XT Zhang, H Li, X Zhang, R Jiang, J Wang, ...
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Plasmon resonance energy transfer and plexcitonic solar cell
F Nan, SJ Ding, L Ma, ZQ Cheng, YT Zhong, YF Zhang, YH Qiu, X Li, ...
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Optically modulated threshold switching in core–shell quantum dot based memristive device
J Wang, Z Lv, X Xing, X Li, Y Wang, M Chen, G Pang, F Qian, Y Zhou, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (16), 1909114, 2020
Tuning the vertical location of helical surface states in topological insulator heterostructures via dual-proximity effects
G Wu, H Chen, Y Sun, X Li, P Cui, C Franchini, J Wang, XQ Chen, ...
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Induced effects by the substitution of Zn in Cu 2ZnSnX4 (X= S and Se)
G Zhong, K Tse, Y Zhang, X Li, L Huang, C Yang, J Zhu, Z Zeng, Z Zhang, ...
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Associated charmonium production in low energy p p¯ annihilation
T Barnes, X Li
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Transition metals doped CuAlSe2 for promising intermediate band materials
T Wang, X Li, W Li, L Huang, C Ma, Y Cheng, J Cui, H Luo, G Zhong, ...
Materials Research Express 3 (4), 045905, 2016
Plasmon–exciton coupling in complex systems
X Li, L Zhou, Z Hao, QQ Wang
Advanced Optical Materials 6 (18), 1800275, 2018
Molecular hot electroluminescence due to strongly enhanced spontaneous emission rates in a plasmonic nanocavity
G Chen, XG Li, ZY Zhang, ZC Dong
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Direct access to spirocycles by Pd/WingPhos-catalyzed enantioselective cycloaddition of 1, 3-enynes
L Li, S Wang, P Luo, R Wang, Z Wang, X Li, Y Deng, F Peng, Z Shao
Nature Communications 12 (1), 5667, 2021
Hole doping induced half-metallic itinerant ferromagnetism and giant magnetoresistance in CrI3 monolayer
S Yu, Y Wang, Y Song, L Xia, X Yang, H Fang, Q Li, X Li
Applied Surface Science 535, 147693, 2021
Strongly asymmetric spectroscopy in plasmon-exciton hybrid systems due to interference-induced energy repartitioning
SJ Ding, X Li, F Nan, YT Zhong, L Zhou, X Xiao, QQ Wang, Z Zhang
Physical Review Letters 119 (17), 177401, 2017
Indirect electron-phonon interaction leading to significant reduction of thermal conductivity in graphene
X Yang, A Jena, F Meng, S Wen, J Ma, X Li, W Li
Materials Today Physics 18, 100315, 2021
Recent advances in two-dimensional ferromagnetism: strain-, doping-, structural-and electric field-engineering toward spintronic applications
S Yu, J Tang, Y Wang, F Xu, X Li, X Wang
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Proximity effects in topological insulator heterostructures
XG Li, GF Zhang, GF Wu, H Chen, D Culcer, ZY Zhang
Chinese Physics B 22 (9), 097306, 2013
Evidence for a Pauli strong coupling?
T Barnes, X Li, W Roberts
Physical Review D 77 (5), 056001, 2008
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