Michael Adams
Michael Adams
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Plants traditionally used in age related brain disorders—A survey of ethnobotanical literature
M Adams, F Gmünder, M Hamburger
Journal of ethnopharmacology 113 (3), 363-381, 2007
Medicinal herbs for the treatment of rheumatic disorders—a survey of European herbals from the 16th and 17th century
M Adams, C Berset, M Kessler, M Hamburger
Journal of ethnopharmacology 121 (3), 343-359, 2009
Phytochemistry and pharmacogenomics of natural products derived from traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese materia medica with activity against tumor cells
T Efferth, S Kahl, K Paulus, M Adams, R Rauh, H Boechzelt, X Hao, ...
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 7 (1), 152-161, 2008
Antiplasmodial Lanostanes from the Ganoderma lucidum Mushroom
M Adams, M Christen, I Plitzko, S Zimmermann, R Brun, M Kaiser, ...
Journal of natural products 73 (5), 897-900, 2010
In vitro cytotoxic activity of abietane diterpenes from Peltodon longipes as well as Salvia miltiorrhiza and Salvia sahendica
M Fronza, R Murillo, S Ślusarczyk, M Adams, M Hamburger, B Heinzmann, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 19 (16), 4876-4881, 2011
Malaria in the renaissance: Remedies from European herbals from the 16th and 17th century
M Adams, W Alther, M Kessler, M Kluge, M Hamburger
Journal of ethnopharmacology 133 (2), 278-288, 2011
Activity-guided isolation of scopoletin and isoscopoletin, the inhibitory active principles towards CCRF-CEM leukaemia cells and multi-drug resistant CEM/ADR5000 cells, from …
M Adams, T Efferth, R Bauer
Planta medica 72 (09), 862-864, 2006
Epilepsy in the Renaissance: A survey of remedies from 16th and 17th century German herbals
M Adams, SV Schneider, M Kluge, M Kessler, M Hamburger
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 143 (1), 1-13, 2012
Inhibition of leukotriene biosynthesis by quinolone alkaloids from the fruits of Evodia rutaecarpa
M Adams, O Kunert, E Haslinger, R Bauer
Planta medica 70 (10), 904-908, 2004
Antitrypanosomal sesquiterpene lactones from Saussurea costus
T Julianti, Y Hata, S Zimmermann, M Kaiser, M Hamburger, M Adams
Fitoterapia 82 (7), 955-959, 2011
HPLC‐MS trace analysis of atropine in Lycium barbarum berries
M Adams, M Wiedenmann, G Tittel, R Bauer
Phytochemical Analysis: An International Journal of Plant Chemical and …, 2006
Inhibition of leukotriene biosynthesis by stilbenoids from Stemona species
M Adams, T Pacher, H Greger, R Bauer
Journal of natural products 68 (1), 83-85, 2005
Cynaropicrin: the first plant natural product with in vivo activity against Trypanosoma brucei
S Zimmermann, M Kaiser, R Brun, M Hamburger, M Adams
Planta medica, 553-556, 2012
Cytotoxicity and p-glycoprotein modulating effects of quinolones and indoloquinazolines from the Chinese herb Evodia rutaecarpa
M Adams, A Mahringer, O Kunert, G Fricker, T Efferth, R Bauer
Planta medica 73 (15), 1554-1557, 2007
Quinolone alkaloids from Evodia rutaecarpa: a potent new group of antimycobacterial compounds.
M Adams, AA Wube, F Bucar, R Bauer, O Kunert, E Haslinger
International journal of antimicrobial agents 26 (3), 262-264, 2005
Antiplasmodial and antitrypanosomal activity of tanshinone-type diterpenoids from Salvia miltiorrhiza
S Ślusarczyk, S Zimmermann, M Kaiser, A Matkowski, M Hamburger, ...
Planta medica 77 (14), 1594-1596, 2011
A protocol for HPLC-based activity profiling for natural products with activities against tropical parasites
M Adams, S Zimmermann, M Kaiser, R Brun, M Hamburger
Natural Product Communications 4 (10), 1934578X0900401013, 2009
New constituents of Leontopodium alpinum and their in vitro leukotriene biosynthesis inhibitory activity
S Schwaiger, M Adams, C Seger, EP Ellmerer, R Bauer, H Stuppner
Planta Medica 70 (10), 978-985, 2004
Antiprotozoal screening of 60 South African plants, and the identification of the antitrypanosomal germacranolides schkuhrin I and II
TA Mokoka, PK Xolani, S Zimmermann, Y Hata, M Adams, M Kaiser, ...
Planta medica 79 (14), 1380-1384, 2013
HPLC-profiling for antiplasmodial compounds—3-Methoxycarpachromene from Pistacia atlantica
M Adams, I Plitzko, M Kaiser, R Brun, M Hamburger
Phytochemistry Letters 2 (4), 159-162, 2009
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