Ana Bucić-Kojić
Ana Bucić-Kojić
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Study of solid–liquid extraction kinetics of total polyphenols from grape seeds
A Bucić-Kojić, M Planinić, S Tomas, M Bilić, D Velić
Journal of Food Engineering 81 (1), 236-242, 2007
Influence of solvent and temperature on extraction of phenolic compounds from grape seed, antioxidant activity and colour of extract
A Bucić‐Kojić, M Planinić, S Tomas, L Jakobek, M Šeruga
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 44 (12), 2394-2401, 2009
Modelling of solid-liquid extraction process of total polyphenols from soybeans
S Jokić, D Velić, M Bilić, A BuCić-koJić, M PlANiNić, S ToMAS
Czech Journal of Food Sciences 28 (3), 206-212, 2010
Modelling of the process of solid-liquid extraction of total polyphenols from soybeans
S Jokic, D Velic, M Bilic, A Bucic-Kojic, M Planinic, S Tomas
Czech Journal of Food Sciences-UZEI (Czech Republic), 2010
Effect of extraction conditions on the extractability of phenolic compounds from lyophilised fig fruits (Ficus carica L.)
A Bucic-Kojic, M Planinic, S Tomas, S Jokic, I Mujic, M Bilic, D Velic
Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 61 (3), 2011
Temperature-dependent kinetics of grape seed phenolic compounds extraction: Experiment and model
A Bucić-Kojić, H Sovová, M Planinić, S Tomas
Food Chemistry 136 (3-4), 1136-1140, 2013
Wheat dough rheology and bread quality effected by Lactobacillus brevis preferment, dry sourdough and lactic acid addition
DK Komlenić, Ž Ugarčić‐Hardi, M Jukić, M Planinić, A Bucić‐Kojić, ...
International journal of food science & technology 45 (7), 1417-1425, 2010
Role of the encapsulation in bioavailability of phenolic compounds
J Grgić, G Šelo, M Planinić, M Tišma, A Bucić-Kojić
Antioxidants 9 (10), 923, 2020
Corn silage fungal-based solid-state pretreatment for enhanced biogas production in anaerobic co-digestion with cow manure
M Tišma, M Planinić, A Bucić-Kojić, M Panjičko, GD Zupančič, B Zelić
Bioresource technology 253, 220-226, 2018
Influence of process parameters and pre-treatments on quality and drying kinetics of apple samples
S Jokić, D Velić, M Bilić, J Lukinac, M Planinić, A Bucić-Kojić
Czech Journal of Food Sciences 27 (2), 88-94, 2009
Study of the drying kinetics of “Granny Smith” apple in tray drier
D Velić, M Bilić, S Tomas, M Planinić, A Bucić-Kojić, K Aladić
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 72 (4), 323-328, 2007
Influence of temperature and drying time on extraction yield of phenolic compounds from grape pomace variety “portogizac”
M Planinić, B Aliakbarian, P Perego, K Greganić, S Tomas, A Bucić-Kojić
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly 29 (3), 343-350, 2015
Corn forage biological pretreatment by Trametes versicolor in a tray bioreactor
M Planinić, B Zelić, I Čubel, A Bucić-Kojić, M Tišma
Waste Management & Research 34 (8), 802-809, 2016
Biovalorization of brewers’ spent grain for the production of laccase and polyphenols
M Tišma, A Jurić, A Bucić‐Kojić, M Panjičko, M Planinić
Journal of the Institute of Brewing 124 (2), 182-186, 2018
A comprehensive review on valorization of agro-food industrial residues by solid-state fermentation
G Šelo, M Planinić, M Tišma, S Tomas, D Koceva Komlenić, A Bucić-Kojić
Foods 10 (5), 927, 2021
Recovery of phenolic acid and enzyme production from corn silage biologically treated by Trametes versicolor
A Bucić-Kojić, G Šelo, B Zelić, M Planinić, M Tišma
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 181 (3), 948-960, 2017
Trametes versicolor in lignocellulose-based bioeconomy: State of the art, challenges and opportunities
M Tišma, P Žnidaršič-Plazl, G Šelo, I Tolj, M Šperanda, A Bucić-Kojić, ...
Bioresource Technology 330, 124997, 2021
Enhancement of the anti-inflammatory properties of grape pomace treated by Trametes versicolor
A Bucić-Kojić, F Fernandes, T Silva, M Planinić, M Tišma, G Šelo, ...
Food & function 11 (1), 680-688, 2020
An application of image analysis and colorimetric methods on color change of dehydrated asparagus (Asparagus maritimus L.)
J Lukinac, S Jokić, M Planinić, D Magdić, D Velić, A Bucić-Kojić, M Bilić, ...
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 74 (3), 233-237, 2009
Influence of different tillage systems on yield of maize on stagnic Luvisols of Central Croatia
I Kisić, F Bašić, M Mesić, A Butorac, M Sabolić
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 67 (2), 81-89, 2002
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