Domagoj Matijevic
Domagoj Matijevic
Professor of Computer Science, University of Osijek
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In transit to constant time shortest-path queries in road networks
H Bast, S Funke, D Matijevic, P Sanders, D Schultes
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Dynamic pseudo-time warping of complex single-cell trajectories
MB Van Hoan Do, P Monteagudo, L Borozan, K Elbassioni, S Laue, ...
Research in Computational Molecular Biology: 23rd Annual International …, 2019
Energy-aware stage illumination
F Eisenbrand, S Funke, A Karrenbauer, D Matijevic
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Guarding 1.5 D terrains with demands
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Conic nearest neighbor queries and approximate Voronoi diagrams
S Funke, T Malamatos, D Matijevic, N Wolpert
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Fourierov red i Fourierova transformacija
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Math. e 19, 33-47, 2011
Finding the Θ-guarded region
D Matijević, R Osbild
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Constant time queries for energy efficient paths in multi-hop wireless networks
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Properties of the generalized Robinson-Foulds metric
L Borozan, D Matijević, S Canzar
2019 42nd International Convention on Information and Communication …, 2019
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