Prabhat Mandal
Prabhat Mandal
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Large nonsaturating magnetoresistance and signature of nondegenerate Dirac nodes in ZrSiS
R Singha, AK Pariari, B Satpati, P Mandal
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (10), 2468-2473, 2017
Transport properties of Ce-doped (=La, Pr, and Nd) manganites
P Mandal, S Das
Physical Review B 56 (23), 15073, 1997
Temperature-dependent structural property and power factor of n type thermoelectric Bi {sub 0.90} Sb {sub 0.10} and Bi {sub 0.86} Sb {sub 0.14} alloys
K Malik, D Das, S Bandyopadhyay, A Banerjee, P Mandal, V Srihari, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (24), 2013
Anisotropic magnetic properties and giant magnetocaloric effect in antiferromagnetic MnO crystals (, Tb, Ho, and Yb)
A Midya, SN Das, P Mandal, S Pandya, V Ganesan
Physical Review B 84 (23), 235127, 2011
Positron-atom and positron-molecule collisions
AS Ghosh, NC Sil, P Mandal
Physics Reports 87 (7), 313-406, 1982
Influence of culture media and environmental factors on mycelial growth and sporulation of Lasiodiplodia theobromae (Pat.) Griffon and Maubl
A Saha, P Mandal, S Dasgupta, D Saha
Journal of Environmental Biology 29 (3), 407, 2008
Temperature and doping dependence of the thermopower in
P Mandal
Physical Review B 61 (21), 14675, 2000
Variation of and transport properties with carrier concentration in Y- and Pb-doped Bi-based superconductors
P Mandal, A Poddar, B Ghosh, P Choudhury
Physical Review B 43 (16), 13102, 1991
Volume collapse in caused by an orbital order-disorder transition
T Chatterji, F Fauth, B Ouladdiaf, P Mandal, B Ghosh
Physical Review B 68 (5), 052406, 2003
Transport, magnetic, and structural properties of Sr, Ca) for
P Mandal, B Ghosh
Physical Review B 68 (1), 014422, 2003
Large adiabatic temperature and magnetic entropy changes in
A Midya, P Mandal, K Rubi, R Chen, JS Wang, R Mahendiran, G Lorusso, ...
Physical Review B 93 (9), 094422, 2016
Transport and magnetic properties of laser ablated films on
P Raychaudhuri, S Mukherjee, AK Nigam, J John, UD Vaisnav, R Pinto, ...
Journal of applied physics 86 (10), 5718-5725, 1999
Critical behavior in single-crystalline
N Khan, A Midya, K Mydeen, P Mandal, A Loidl, D Prabhakaran
Physical Review B 82 (6), 064422, 2010
Magnetocaloric effect in HoMnO3 crystal
A Midya, P Mandal, S Das, S Banerjee, LS Chandra, V Ganesan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 96 (14), 2010
Giant reversible magnetocaloric effect in a multiferroic single crystal
M Das, S Roy, P Mandal
Physical Review B 96 (17), 174405, 2017
Large magnetocaloric effect in Sm0. 52Sr0. 48MnO3 in low magnetic field
P Sarkar, P Mandal, P Choudhury
Applied Physics Letters 92 (18), 2008
Excess conductivity and thermally activated dissipation studies in Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2Ox single crystals
P Mandal, A Poddar, AN Das, B Ghosh, P Choudhury
Physica C: Superconductivity 169 (1-2), 43-49, 1990
Planar Hall effect in the type-II Dirac semimetal
R Singha, S Roy, A Pariari, B Satpati, P Mandal
Physical Review B 98 (8), 081103, 2018
Transport and magnetic properties of
P Mandal, P Choudhury, SK Biswas, B Ghosh
Physical Review B 70 (10), 104407, 2004
Magnetotransport properties and evidence of a topological insulating state in LaSbTe
R Singha, A Pariari, B Satpati, P Mandal
Physical Review B 96 (24), 245138, 2017
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