Dr. Moumita Das
Dr. Moumita Das
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Giant reversible magnetocaloric effect in a multiferroic single crystal
M Das, S Roy, P Mandal
Physical Review B 96 (17), 174405, 2017
Effect of hydrostatic pressure on ferromagnetism in two-dimensional
S Mondal, M Kannan, M Das, L Govindaraj, R Singha, B Satpati, ...
Physical Review B 99 (18), 180407, 2019
Giant magnetocaloric effect in exchange-frustrated GdCrTiO5 antiferromagnet
M Das, S Roy, N Khan, P Mandal
Physical Review B 98 (104420), 2018
Non-Griffiths-like cluster formation in the double-perovskite Gd 2 CoMnO 6: Evidence from critical behavior
M Das, P Sarkar, P Mandal
Physical Review B 101, 144433, 2020
Nonlinear magnetodielectric and magnetocaloric properties of double perovskite Ho2FeCoO6
M Das, P Mandal
Physica B: Condensed Matter 571, 32-35, 2019
Unveiling the ferrimagnetic ground state, the anomalous behavior of the exchange bias field around spin reorientation, and the magnetoelectric coupling in YbCr 1− x Fe x O 3 (0 …
B Dalal, B Sarkar, S Rayaprol, M Das, V Siruguri, P Mandal, SK De
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 101 (144418), 2020
Enhanced Magnetic Properties of In–Mn-Codoped Plasmonic ZnO Nanoflowers: Evidence of Delocalized Charge Carrier-Mediated Ferromagnetic Coupling
S Paul, B Dalal, M Das, P Mandal, SK De
Chemistry of Materials 31 (19), 8191-8204, 2019
Large low-field magnetic refrigeration in ferromagnetic insulator
S Roy, M Das, P Mandal
Physical Review Materials 2 (6), 064412, 2018
Hydrothermal synthesis of Bi2Fe4O9 nanochains and study of their multiferroic coupling
A Sahoo, M Das, P Mandal, D Bhattacharya
Materials Letters 296, 129905, 2021
Anomalous magnetic properties of RCrTiO5 (R= Dy and Ho) compounds
M Das, S Roy, K Mahalingam, V Ganesan, P Mandal
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 32 (3), 035802, 2019
Shape dependent multiferroic behavior in Bi2Fe4O9 nanoparticles
A Sahoo, D Bhattacharya, M Das, P Mandal
Nanotechnology 33 (30), 305702, 2022
Large magnetic entropy change in multiferroic HoFeO3 single crystal
M Das, P Mandal
AIP Conference Proceedings 1942 (140007), 140007, 2018
Tuning of magnetic frustration and emergence of a magnetostructural transition in
A Das, D Ranaut, P Pal, R Pal, S Moulick, M Das, D Topwal, P Mandal, ...
Physical Review B 108 (6), 064426, 2023
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