Preston T. Webster
Preston T. Webster
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Measurement of InAsSb bandgap energy and InAs/InAsSb band edge positions using spectroscopic ellipsometry and photoluminescence spectroscopy
PT Webster, NA Riordan, S Liu, EH Steenbergen, RA Synowicki, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (24), 245706, 2015
Invited Article: A test-facility for large-area microchannel plate detector assemblies using a pulsed sub-picosecond laser
B Adams, M Chollet, A Elagin, E Oberla, A Vostrikov, M Wetstein, R Obaid, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (6), 061301, 2013
Optical properties of InAsBi and optimal designs of lattice-matched and strain-balanced III-V semiconductor superlattices
PT Webster, AJ Shalindar, NA Riordan, C Gogineni, H Liang, AR Sharma, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (22), 225701, 2016
Absorption properties of type-II InAs/InAsSb superlattices measured by spectroscopic ellipsometry
PT Webster, NA Riordan, S Liu, EH Steenbergen, RA Synowicki, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (6), 061907, 2015
Molecular beam epitaxy using bismuth as a constituent in InAs and a surfactant in InAs/InAsSb superlattices
PT Webster, NA Riordan, C Gogineni, S Liu, J Lu, XH Zhao, DJ Smith, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2014
Investigation of MBE-grown InAs1− xBix alloys and Bi-mediated type-II superlattices by transmission electron microscopy
J Lu, PT Webster, S Liu, YH Zhang, SR Johnson, DJ Smith
Journal of Crystal Growth 425, 250-254, 2015
Measurement of InAsBi mole fraction and InBi lattice constant using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry and X-ray diffraction
AJ Shalindar, PT Webster, BJ Wilkens, TL Alford, SR Johnson
Journal of applied Physics 120 (14), 145704, 2016
Vertical carrier transport in strain-balanced InAs/InAsSb type-II superlattice material
LK Casias, CP Morath, EH Steenbergen, GA Umana-Membreno, ...
Applied Physics Letters 116 (18), 182109, 2020
A calibration method for group V fluxes and impact of V/III flux ratio on the growth of InAs/InAsSb type-II superlattices by molecular beam epitaxy
H Li, S Liu, OO Cellek, D Ding, XM Shen, EH Steenbergen, J Fan, Z Lin, ...
Journal of crystal growth 378, 145-149, 2013
Bandgap and composition of bulk InAsSbBi grown by molecular beam epitaxy
PT Webster, AJ Shalindar, ST Schaefer, SR Johnson
Applied Physics Letters 111 (8), 082104, 2017
Molecular beam epitaxy growth and optical properties of InAsSbBi
ST Schaefer, RR Kosireddy, PT Webster, SR Johnson
Journal of Applied Physics 126 (8), 083101, 2019
Systems-Level Characterization of Microchannel Plate Detector Assemblies, Using a Pulsed sub-Picosecond Laser
MJ Wetstein, B Adams, M Chollet, P Webster, Z Insepov, V Ivanov, ...
Physics Procedia 37, 748-756, 2012
Absorption edge characteristics of GaAs, GaSb, InAs, and InSb
ST Schaefer, S Gao, PT Webster, RR Kosireddy, SR Johnson
Journal of Applied Physics 127 (16), 165705, 2020
Carrier concentration and transport in Be-doped InAsSb for infrared sensing applications
LK Casias, CP Morath, EH Steenbergen, PT Webster, JK Kim, VM Cowan, ...
Infrared Physics & Technology 96, 184-191, 2019
Recombination rate analysis in long minority carrier lifetime mid-wave infrared InGaAs/InAsSb superlattices
RA Carrasco, CP Morath, PC Grant, G Ariyawansa, CA Stephenson, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 129 (18), 184501, 2021
1.7 eV MgCdTe double-heterostructure solar cells for tandem device applications
CM Campbell, Y Zhao, E Suarez, M Boccard, XH Zhao, ZY He, ...
2016 IEEE 43rd Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 0411-0414, 2016
InAs/InAsSb Type-II superlattice: a promising material for mid-wavelength and long-wavelength infrared applications
OO Cellek, H Li, XM Shen, Z Lin, EH Steenbergen, D Ding, S Liu, ...
Infrared Technology and Applications XXXVIII 8353, 1173-1178, 2012
Minority carrier lifetime and photoluminescence of mid-wave infrared InAsSbBi
P Petluru, PC Grant, AJ Muhowski, IM Obermeier, MS Milosavljevic, ...
Applied Physics Letters 117 (6), 061103, 2020
Examination of the structural quality of InAsSbBi epilayers using cross section transmission electron microscopy
RR Kosireddy, ST Schaefer, AJ Shalindar, PT Webster, SR Johnson
Microscopy and Microanalysis 24 (S1), 36-37, 2018
Optical quality in strain-balanced InAs/InAsSb superlattices grown with and without Bi surfactant
PT Webster, ST Schaefer, EH Steenbergen, SR Johnson
Quantum Sensing and Nano Electronics and Photonics XV 10540, 173-179, 2018
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