Ivan Rukhlenko
Ivan Rukhlenko
Research Fellow in Photonic Structures and Devices
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Improved transmission model for metal-dielectric-metal plasmonic waveguides with stub structure
A Pannipitiya, ID Rukhlenko, M Premaratne, HT Hattori, GP Agrawal
Optics express 18 (6), 6191-6204, 2010
Electrically tunable metasurface with independent frequency and amplitude modulations
J Zhang, X Wei, ID Rukhlenko, HT Chen, W Zhu
Acs Photonics 7 (1), 265-271, 2019
Free-standing plasmonic-nanorod superlattice sheets
KC Ng, IB Udagedara, ID Rukhlenko, Y Chen, Y Tang, M Premaratne, ...
ACS nano 6 (1), 925-934, 2012
sp2–sp3-Hybridized Atomic Domains Determine Optical Features of Carbon Dots
NV Tepliakov, EV Kundelev, PD Khavlyuk, Y Xiong, MY Leonov, W Zhu, ...
ACS nano 13 (9), 10737-10744, 2019
Anomalous size-dependent decay of low-energy luminescence from PbS quantum dots in colloidal solution
EV Ushakova, AP Litvin, PS Parfenov, AV Fedorov, M Artemyev, ...
ACS nano 6 (10), 8913-8921, 2012
Configurable metamaterial absorber with pseudo wideband spectrum
W Zhu, Y Huang, ID Rukhlenko, G Wen, M Premaratne
Optics Express 20 (6), 6616-6621, 2012
Graphene metamaterial for optical reflection modulation
W Zhu, ID Rukhlenko, M Premaratne
Applied Physics Letters 102 (24), 241914, 2013
Water metamaterial for ultra-broadband and wide-angle absorption
J Xie, W Zhu, ID Rukhlenko, F Xiao, C He, J Geng, X Liang, R Jin, ...
Optics express 26 (4), 5052-5059, 2018
Nonlinear silicon photonics: analytical tools
ID Rukhlenko, M Premaratne, GP Agrawal
IEEE journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 16 (1), 200-215, 2009
Electroabsorption by 0D, 1D, and 2D nanocrystals: A comparative study of CdSe colloidal quantum dots, nanorods, and nanoplatelets
AW Achtstein, AV Prudnikau, MV Ermolenko, LI Gurinovich, ...
ACS nano 8 (8), 7678-7686, 2014
Induction of Chirality in Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials: Chiral 2D MoS2 Nanostructures
F Purcell-Milton, R McKenna, LJ Brennan, CP Cullen, L Guillemeney, ...
Acs Nano 12 (2), 954-964, 2018
Quantum-dot supercrystals for future nanophotonics
AS Baimuratov, ID Rukhlenko, VK Turkov, AV Baranov, AV Fedorov
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1727, 2013
Analytical study of optical bistability in silicon ring resonators
ID Rukhlenko, M Premaratne, GP Agrawal
Optics letters 35 (1), 55-57, 2010
Engineering spin and antiferromagnetic resonances to realize an efficient direction-multiplexed visible meta-hologram
MA Ansari, I Kim, ID Rukhlenko, M Zubair, S Yerci, T Tauqeer, ...
Nanoscale Horizons 5 (1), 57-64, 2020
Highly efficient generation of Bessel beams with polarization insensitive metasurfaces
MR Akram, MQ Mehmood, T Tauqeer, AS Rana, ID Rukhlenko, W Zhu
Optics express 27 (7), 9467-9480, 2019
Effective mode area and its optimization in silicon-nanocrystal waveguides
ID Rukhlenko, M Premaratne, GP Agrawal
Optics letters 37 (12), 2295-2297, 2012
Dislocation-induced chirality of semiconductor nanocrystals
AS Baimuratov, ID Rukhlenko, YK Gun’ko, AV Baranov, AV Fedorov
Nano Letters 15 (3), 1710-1715, 2015
Spaser made of graphene and carbon nanotubes
C Rupasinghe, ID Rukhlenko, M Premaratne
ACS nano 8 (3), 2431-2438, 2014
Truly all-dielectric ultrabroadband metamaterial absorber: Water-based and ground-free
J Xie, S Quader, F Xiao, C He, X Liang, J Geng, R Jin, W Zhu, ...
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 18 (3), 536-540, 2019
Optical properties of semiconductor quantum dots
A Fedorov, I Rukhlenko, A Baranov, S Kruchinin
Nauka, 2011
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