Simon Annaheim
Simon Annaheim
Lab for Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles
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Materials used to simulate physical properties of human skin
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Prediction of human core body temperature using non-invasive measurement methods
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Thermal manikins controlled by human thermoregulation models for energy efficiency and thermal comfort research–A review
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Real evaporative cooling efficiency of one‐layer tight‐fitting sportswear in a hot environment
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Skin temperature measurement using contact thermometry: a systematic review of setup variables and their effects on measured values
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A review on ergonomics of headgear: Thermal effects
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Prediction of core body temperature based on skin temperature, heat flux, and heart rate under different exercise and clothing conditions in the heat in young adult males
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Fatigue monitoring through wearables: A state-of-the-art review
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Thermal sensation models: Validation and sensitivity towards thermo-physiological parameters
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Thermal sensation models: a systematic comparison
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Effects of the cycling workload on core and local skin temperatures
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In-situ phosphine oxide physical networks: A facile strategy to achieve durable flame retardant and antimicrobial treatments of cellulose
R Nazir, D Parida, J Borgstädt, S Lehner, M Jovic, D Rentsch, E Bülbül, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 417, 128028, 2021
Modeling for predicting the thermal protective and thermo-physiological comfort performance of fabrics used in firefighters' clothing
S Mandal, S Annaheim, J Greve, M Camenzind, RM Rossi
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Validation of the thermophysiological model by Fiala for prediction of local skin temperatures
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Opportunities and constraints of presently used thermal manikins for thermo-physiological simulation of the human body
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Human responses in heat–comparison of the Predicted Heat Strain and the Fiala multi-node model for a case of intermittent work
K Lundgren-Kownacki, N Martinez, B Johansson, A Psikuta, S Annaheim, ...
Journal of thermal biology 70, 45-52, 2017
How reliable are pressure measurements with Tekscan sensors on the body surface of human subjects wearing load carriage systems?
PD Wettenschwiler, R Stämpfli, S Lorenzetti, SJ Ferguson, RM Rossi, ...
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 49, 60-67, 2015
Classification of sleep apnea severity by electrocardiogram monitoring using a novel wearable device
F Baty, M Boesch, S Widmer, S Annaheim, P Fontana, M Camenzind, ...
Sensors 20 (1), 286, 2020
Moisture transfer of the clothing–human body system during continuous sweating under radiant heat
M Guan, S Annaheim, M Camenzind, J Li, S Mandal, A Psikuta, RM Rossi
Textile Research Journal 89 (21-22), 4537-4553, 2019
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