Hrvoje Brkić
Hrvoje Brkić
Faculty of medicine, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek
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Function of circle of Willis
Z Vrselja, H Brkic, S Mrdenovic, R Radic, G Curic
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 34 (4), 578-584, 2014
Good reasons to implement quality assurance in nationwide breast cancer screening programs in Croatia and Serbia: Results from a pilot study
O Ciraj-Bjelac, D Faj, D Stimac, D Kosutic, D Arandjic, H Brkic
European journal of radiology 78 (1), 122-128, 2011
The influence of field size and off-axis distance on photoneutron spectra of the 18 MV Siemens Oncor linear accelerator beam
H Brkić, A Ivković, M Kasabašić, MP Sovilj, S Jurković, D Štimac, O Rubin, ...
Radiation Measurements 93, 28-34, 2016
Human 3-hydroxyanthranilate 3, 4-dioxygenase (3HAO) dynamics and reaction, a multilevel computational study
H Brkić, B Kovačević, S Tomić
Molecular BioSystems 11 (3), 898-907, 2015
Dke1—structure, dynamics, and function: a theoretical and experimental study elucidating the role of the binding site shape and the hydrogen-bonding network in catalysis
H Brkić, D Buongiorno, M Ramek, G Straganz, S Tomić
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 17 (5), 801-815, 2012
The neutron dose equivalent around high energy medical electron linear accelerators
M Poje, A Ivković, S Jurković, G Žauhar, B Vuković, V Radolić, I Miklavčić, ...
Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection 29 (3), 207-212, 2014
Validation of flavonoids as potential dipeptidyl peptidase III inhibitors: Experimental and computational approach
D Agić, H Brkić, S Tomić, Z Karačić, M Špoljarević, M Lisjak, D Bešlo, ...
Chemical biology & drug design 89 (4), 619-627, 2017
Essential considerations for accurate evaluation of photoneutron contamination in Radiotherapy
AH Karimi, H Brkić, D Shahbazi-Gahrouei, SB Haghighi, I Jabbari
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 145, 24-31, 2019
Estimated collective effective dose to the population from nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures in Croatia: A comparison of 2010 and 2015
I Kralik, M Štefanić, H Brkić, G Šarić, S Težak, SG Ivanković, N Griotto, ...
PloS one 12 (6), e0180057, 2017
New zinc ion parameters suitable for classical MD simulations of zinc metallopeptidases
A Tomic, G Horvat, M Ramek, D Agic, H Brkic, S Tomic
Journal of chemical information and modeling 59 (8), 3437-3453, 2019
Dose area product in estimation of effective dose of the patients undergoing dental cone beam computed tomography examinations
I Kralik, D Faj, T Lauc, M Škarica, J Popić, H Brkic
Journal of Radiological Protection 38 (4), 1412, 2018
Accuracy of empirical formulas in evaluation of neutron dose equivalent inside the 60Co vaults reconstructed for medical linear accelerators
A Ivković, D Faj, S Galić, AH Karimi, M Kasabašić, H Brkić
International Journal of Radiation Research 18 (1), 99-107, 2020
Influence of head cover on the neutron dose equivalent in Monte Carlo simulations of high energy medical linear accelerator
H Brkić, M Kasabašić, A Ivković, D Agić, I Krpan, D Faj
Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection 33 (2), 217-222, 2018
The prevalence and characteristics of Helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis in dyspeptic patients in Eastern Croatia, determined by immunohistochemistry
N Brkić, V Terzić, M Švagelj, M Cvrković, H Brkić, D Švagelj
Periodicum biologorum 119 (1), 2017
Arterial tree asymmetry reduces cerebral pulsatility
Z Vrselja, H Brkic, G Curic
Medical hypotheses 85 (5), 622-627, 2015
Aprotinin interacts with substrate-binding site of human dipeptidyl peptidase III
D Agić, H Brkić, S Kazazić, A Tomić, M Abramić
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 37 (14), 3596-3606, 2019
Penetrating arteries of the cerebral white matter: The importance of vascular territories of delivering arteries and completeness of circle of Willis
Z Vrselja, H Brkic, G Curic
International Journal of Stroke, 1747493015616639, 2016
Extended Eversion Carotid Endarterectomy: Computation of Hemodynamics
T Ištvanić, Z Vrselja, H Brkić, R Radić, I Lekšan, G Curic
Annals of vascular surgery 29 (8), 1598-1605, 2015
The influence of shielding reinforcement in a vault with limited dimensions on the neutron dose equivalent in vicinity of medical electron linear accelerator
A Ivkovic, D Faj, M Kasabasic, MP Sovilj, I Krpan, MG Branilovic, H Brkic
Radiology and Oncology 1 (ahead-of-print), 2020
A method of high-resolution radiotherapy delivery fluences with a pair of fields with orthogonal collimator settings: A study on ten head-and-neck cancer patients
S Galić, M Kovačević, I Lasić, H Brkić, D Faj
Journal of Medical Physics 45 (1), 36, 2020
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