Alexandra Allison de Sousa
Alexandra Allison de Sousa
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Whole-mtDNA genome sequence analysis of ancient African lineages
MK Gonder, HM Mortensen, FA Reed, A de Sousa, SA Tishkoff
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A volumetric comparison of the insular cortex and its subregions in primates
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Where am I? Who am I? The relation between spatial cognition, social cognition and individual differences in the built environment
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Hominoid visual brain structure volumes and the position of the lunate sulcus
AA De Sousa, CC Sherwood, H Mohlberg, K Amunts, A Schleicher, ...
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Other ways of seeing: From behavior to neural mechanisms in the online “visual” control of action with sensory substitution
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The right way to kiss: Directionality bias in head-turning during kissing
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What can volumes reveal about human brain evolution? A framework for bridging behavioral, histometric, and volumetric perspectives
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Primate hippocampus size and organization are predicted by sociality but not diet
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Lamination of the lateral geniculate nucleus of catarrhine primates
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Exploring asymmetric roles in mixed-ability gaming
D Gonçalves, A Rodrigues, ML Richardson, AA de Sousa, MJ Proulx, ...
Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems …, 2021
There or not there? A multidisciplinary review and research agenda on the impact of transparent barriers on human perception, action, and social behavior
G Marquardt, ES Cross, AA De Sousa, E Edelstein, A Farnè, ...
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Variable temporoinsular cortex neuroanatomy in primates suggests a bottleneck effect in eastern gorillas
SK Barks, AL Bauernfeind, CJ Bonar, MR Cranfield, AA de Sousa, ...
Journal of Comparative Neurology 522 (4), 844-860, 2014
Visual-to-auditory sensory substitution alters language asymmetry in both sighted novices and experienced visually impaired users
MJ Proulx, DJ Brown, T Lloyd-Esenkaya, JB Leveson, OS Todorov, ...
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Evolution of the occipital lobe
OS Todorov, AA de Sousa
Digital Endocasts: From Skulls to Brains, 259-273, 2018
Neocortex expansion is linked to size variations in gene families with chemotaxis, cell–cell signalling and immune response functions in mammals
A Castillo-Morales, J Monzón-Sandoval, AA de Sousa, AO Urrutia, ...
Open Biology 6 (10), 160132, 2016
The Role of Vision in the Emergence of Mate Preferences
M Scheller, F Matorres, AC Little, L Tompkins, AA de Sousa
Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1-13, 2021
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