Sruthi Kuriakose
Optically stimulated artificial synapse based on layered black phosphorus
T Ahmed, S Kuriakose, ELH Mayes, R Ramanathan, V Bansal, ...
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Fully Light‐controlled memory and neuromorphic computation in layered black phosphorus
T Ahmed, M Tahir, MX Low, Y Ren, SA Tawfik, ELH Mayes, S Kuriakose, ...
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Black phosphorus: ambient degradation and strategies for protection
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Multifunctional optoelectronics via harnessing defects in layered black phosphorus
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Atomically Thin Ga2S3 from Skin of Liquid Metals for Electrical, Optical, and Sensing Applications
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2D/3D Hybrid of MoS2/GaN for a High-Performance Broadband Photodetector
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2D SnO/In2O3 van der Waals Heterostructure Photodetector Based on Printed Oxide Skin of Liquid Metals
MMYA Alsaif, S Kuriakose, S Walia, N Syed, A Jannat, BY Zhang, ...
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Antipathogenic properties and applications of low-dimensional materials
ZL Shaw, S Kuriakose, S Cheeseman, MD Dickey, J Genzer, ...
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UV photochromism in transition metal oxides and hybrid materials
ABA Kayani, S Kuriakose, M Monshipouri, FA Khalid, S Walia, S Sriram, ...
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Current Transport and Band Alignment Study of MoS2/GaN and MoS2/AlGaN Heterointerfaces for Broadband Photodetection Application
SK Jain, RR Kumar, N Aggarwal, P Vashishtha, L Goswami, S Kuriakose, ...
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Effects of plasma-treatment on the electrical and optoelectronic properties of layered black phosphorus
S Kuriakose, T Ahmed, S Balendhran, GE Collis, V Bansal, I Aharonovich, ...
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Structural-Defect-Mediated Grafting of Alkylamine on Few-Layer MoS2 and Its Potential for Enhancement of Tribological Properties
S Kumari, A Chouhan, OP Sharma, S Kuriakose, SA Tawfik, MJS Spencer, ...
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π-Conjugated Amine–ZnO Nanohybrids for the Selective Detection of CO2 Gas at Room Temperature
B Mandal, A Biswas, Aaryashree, DS Sharma, R Bhardwaj, M Das, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 1 (12), 6912-6921, 2018
Ordered-vacancy-enabled indium sulphide printed in wafer-scale with enhanced electron mobility
A Jannat, Q Yao, A Zavabeti, N Syed, BY Zhang, T Ahmed, S Kuriakose, ...
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Generating strong room-temperature photoluminescence in black phosphorus using organic molecules
S Kuriakose, T Ahmed, P Taylor, Y Zhu, MJS Spencer, S Balendhran, ...
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Broad-spectrum solvent-free layered black phosphorus as a rapid action antimicrobial
ZL Shaw, S Kuriakose, S Cheeseman, ELH Mayes, A Murali, ZY Oo, ...
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Encapsulation-free stabilization of few-layer black phosphorus
C Elbadawi, RT Queralt, ZQ Xu, J Bishop, T Ahmed, S Kuriakose, S Walia, ...
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Scalable and low-cost fabrication of flexible WS2 photodetectors on polycarbonate
J Quereda, S Kuriakose, C Munuera, FJ Mompean, AM Al-Enizi, A Nafady, ...
npj Flexible Electronics 6 (1), 23, 2022
Black Phosphorus Nanoflakes Vertically Stacked on MoS2 Nanoflakes as Heterostructures for Photodetection
V Krishnamurthi, MX Low, S Kuriakose, S Sriram, M Bhaskaran, S Walia
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Monocrystalline antimonene nanosheets via physical vapor deposition
S Kuriakose, SK Jain, SA Tawfik, MJS Spencer, BJ Murdoch, M Singh, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 7 (24), 2001678, 2020
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