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Christoph Buchta
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Platelet content and growth factor release in platelet‐rich plasma: a comparison of four different systems
GC Leitner, R Gruber, J Neumüller, A Wagner, P Kloimstein, P Höcker, ...
Vox sanguinis 91 (2), 135-139, 2006
Anti‐D immunization by DEL red blood cells
T Wagner, GF Körmöczi, C Buchta, M Vadon, G Lanzer, WR Mayr, ...
Transfusion 45 (4), 520-526, 2005
Biochemical characterization of autologous fibrin sealants produced by CryoSeal® and Vivostat® in comparison to the homologous fibrin sealant product Tissucol/Tisseel®
C Buchta, HC Hedrich, M Macher, P Höcker, H Redl
Biomaterials 26 (31), 6233-6241, 2005
Influence of clinical factors on the haemolysis marker haptoglobin
GF Körmöczi, MD Säemann, C Buchta, M Peck‐Radosavljevic, WR Mayr, ...
European Journal of Clinical Investigation 36 (3), 202-209, 2006
Reduction of adverse citrate reactions during autologous large‐volume PBPC apheresis by continuous infusion of calcium‐gluconate
C Buchta, M Macher, C Bieglmayer, P Höcker, M Dettke
Transfusion 43 (11), 1615-1621, 2003
Stability of coagulation factors in thawed, solvent/detergent‐treated plasma during storage at 4° C for 6 days
C Buchta, M Felfernig, P Höcker, M Macher, GF Körmöczi, ...
Vox sanguinis 87 (3), 182-186, 2004
Fibrin sealant produced by the CryoSeal® FS system: product chemistry, material properties and possible preparation in the autologous preoperative setting
C Buchta, M Dettke, PT Funovics, P Höcker, P Knöbl, M Macher, ...
Vox sanguinis 86 (4), 257-262, 2004
Application of platelet-rich plasma for enhanced bone regeneration in grafted sinus
PW Poeschl, F Ziya-Ghazvini, K Schicho, C Buchta, D Moser, R Seemann, ...
Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 70 (3), 657-664, 2012
Variability of cycle threshold values in an external quality assessment scheme for detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus genome by RT-PCR
C Buchta, I Görzer, P Chiba, JV Camp, H Holzmann, ...
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) 59 (5), 987-994, 2021
EurA1c: the European HbA1c trial to investigate the performance of HbA1c assays in 2166 laboratories across 17 countries and 24 manufacturers by use of the IFCC model for …
Clinical chemistry 64 (8), 1183-1192, 2018
Transfusion‐related exposure to the plasticizer di (2‐ethylhexyl) phthalate in patients receiving plateletpheresis concentrates
C Buchta, C Bittner, H Heinzl, P Höcker, M Macher, M Mayerhofer, ...
Transfusion 45 (5), 798-802, 2005
Donor exposure to the plasticizer di (2‐ethylhexyl) phthalate during plateletpheresis
C Buchta, C Bittner, P Höcker, M Macher, R Schmid, C Seger, M Dettke
Transfusion 43 (8), 1115-1120, 2003
CD32-mediated platelet aggregation in vitro by anti-thymocyte globulin: implication of therapy-induced in vivo thrombocytopenia
HJ Ankersmit, GA Roth, B Moser, A Zuckermann, M Brunner, C Rosin, ...
American Journal of Transplantation 3 (6), 754-759, 2003
Short and long term effects of citrate on bone metabolism and bone mineral density in healthy plateletpheresis donors
M Dettke, C Buchta, C Bieglmayer, F Kainberger, M Macher, P Hocker
J Clin Apher 18 (14), 87-88, 2003
Mosaicism due to myeloid lineage–restricted loss of heterozygosity as cause of spontaneous Rh phenotype splitting
GF Körmöczi, EM Dauber, OA Haas, TJ Legler, FB Clausen, G Fritsch, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 110 (6), 2148-2157, 2007
Should DEHP be eliminated in blood bags?
PF Van Der Meer, HW Reésink, S Panzer, J Wong, S Ismay, A Keller, ...
Vox Sanguinis 106 (2), 176-195, 2014
RT-PCR based SARS-CoV-2 variant screening assays require careful quality control
JV Camp, C Buchta, J Jovanovic, E Puchhammer-Stöckl, B Benka, ...
Journal of Clinical Virology 141, 104905, 2021
Evidence for the positive impact of ISO 9001 and ISO 15189 quality systems on laboratory performance–evaluation of immunohaematology external quality assessment results during …
C Buchta, W Coucke, WR Mayr, MM Müller, R Oeser, CR Schweiger, ...
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) 56 (12), 2039-2046, 2018
Skin plugs in phlebotomy puncture for blood donation
C Buchta, N Nedorost, H Regele, M Egerbacher, G Körmöczi, P Höcker, ...
Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 117 (4), 141-144, 2005
Impact of manufacturing, irradiation and filtration steps to bacterial contamination of autologous fibrin sealant
C Buchta, M Dettke, PT Funovics, AM Hirschl, M Macher, N Worel, ...
Biologicals 32 (3), 165-169, 2004
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