Diego Bisero
Diego Bisero
Ricercatore, Università di Ferrara
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Rotatable magnetic anisotropy in a FeGa thin film with stripe domains: Dynamics versus statics
S Tacchi, S Fin, G Carlotti, G Gubbiotti, M Madami, M Barturen, ...
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In-plane rotation of magnetic stripe domains in thin films
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P Vavassori, D Bisero, F Carace, A Di Bona, GC Gazzadi, M Liberati, ...
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P Vavassori, E Angeli, D Bisero, F Spizzo, F Ronconi
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photocathode growth: A photoemission study
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Magnetic normal modes of bicomponent permalloy/cobalt structures in the parallel and antiparallel ground state
G Gubbiotti, P Malagò, S Fin, S Tacchi, L Giovannini, D Bisero, M Madami, ...
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Effect of dipolar interaction on the magnetization state of chains of rectangular particles located either head-to-tail or side-by-side
D Bisero, P Cremon, M Madami, M Sepioni, S Tacchi, G Gubbiotti, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 13, 5691-5698, 2011
Magnetic microstructures in electrodeposited Fe1− xGax thin films (15≤ x≤ 22 at.%)
R Ranchal, S Fin, D Bisero
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48 (7), 075001, 2015
Structural and compositional stability of Co oxide grown on (001) bct Co
A Borghi, A Di Bona, D Bisero, S Valeri
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Visible photoluminescence from He‐implanted silicon
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Transport properties and magnetic disorder/order transition in FexAg100− x films
D Bisero, E Angeli, L Pizzo, F Spizzo, P Vavassori, F Ronconi
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 262 (1), 84-87, 2003
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