Marijan Klarica
Marijan Klarica
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The formation of cerebrospinal fluid: nearly a hundred years of interpretations and misinterpretations
D Orešković, M Klarica
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Recent insights into a new hydrodynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid
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D Orešković, M Klarica
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M Bulat, V Lupret, D Orešković, M Klarica
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A new look at cerebrospinal fluid movement
D Orešković, M Klarica
Fluids and Barriers of the CNS 11 (1), 16, 2014
The pharmacology of native N-methtl-D-aspartate receptor subtypes: Different receptors control the release of different striatal and spinal transmitters
M Nankai, M Klarica, D Fage, C Carter
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D Orešković, M Klarica, M Vukić
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The influence of body position on cerebrospinal fluid pressure gradient and movement in cats with normal and impaired craniospinal communication
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D Orešković, M Radoš, M Klarica
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M Klarica, B Miše, A Vladić, M Radoš, D Orešković
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Does the secretion and circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid really exist?
D Oreskovic, M Klarica, M Vukic
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Experimental hydrocephalus and hydromyelia: a new insight in mechanism of their development
B Miše, M Klarica, S Seiwerth, M Bulat
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Effect of osmolarity on CSF volume during ventriculo-aqueductal and ventriculo-cisternal perfusions in cats
J Maraković, D Orešković, M Radoš, M Vukić, I Jurjević, D Chudy, ...
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Elimination of phenolsulfonphthalein from the cerebrospinal fluid via capillaries in central nervous system in cats by active transport
M Zmajević, M Klarica, R Varda, N Kudelić, M Bulat
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Dynamics of distribution of 3H-inulin between the cerebrospinal fluid compartments
A Vladić, M Klarica, M Bulat
Brain research 1248, 127-135, 2009
Effect of head position on cerebrospinal fluid pressure in cats: comparison with artificial model
M Klarica, M Radoš, P Draganić, G Erceg, D Orešković, J Maraković, ...
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New concepts of cerebrospinal fluid physiology and development of hydrocephalus
D Orešković, M Radoš, M Klarica
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Homeostatic role of the active transport in elimination of [3H] benzylpenicillin out of the cerebrospinal fluid system
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Life sciences 67 (19), 2375-2385, 2000
Fluid filtration and reabsorption across microvascular walls: control by oncotic or osmotic pressure?
M Bulat, M Klarica
Periodicum biologorum 107 (2), 147-152, 2005
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