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Spatiotemporal Loss of NF1 in Schwann Cell Lineage Leads to Different Types of Cutaneous Neurofibroma Susceptible to Modification by the Hippo Pathway
Z Chen, J Mo, JP Brosseau, T Shipman, Y Wang, CP Liao, JM Cooper, ...
Cancer discovery 9 (1), 114-129, 2019
Crowdsourced mapping of unexplored target space of kinase inhibitors
A Cichońska, B Ravikumar, RJ Allaway, F Wan, S Park, O Isayev, S Li, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 3307, 2021
Cutaneous neurofibromas in the genomics era: current understanding and open questions
RJ Allaway, SJC Gosline, S La Rosa, P Knight, A Bakker, J Guinney, ...
British journal of cancer 118 (12), 1539-1548, 2018
Genomic characterization of patient-derived xenograft models established from fine needle aspirate biopsies of a primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and from patient …
RJ Allaway, DA Fischer, FB De Abreu, TB Gardner, SR Gordon, RJ Barth, ...
Oncotarget 7 (13), 17087, 2016
A community challenge for a pancancer drug mechanism of action inference from perturbational profile data
EF Douglass, RJ Allaway, B Szalai, W Wang, T Tian, A Fernández-Torras, ...
Cell Reports Medicine 3 (1), 2022
A machine learning classifier trained on cancer transcriptomes detects NF1 inactivation signal in glioblastoma
GP Way, RJ Allaway, SJ Bouley, CE Fadul, Y Sanchez, CS Greene
BMC genomics 18, 1-11, 2017
Machine learning in rare disease
J Banerjee, JN Taroni, RJ Allaway, DV Prasad, J Guinney, C Greene
Nature Methods 20 (6), 803-814, 2023
A clinically and genomically annotated nerve sheath tumor biospecimen repository
K Pollard, J Banerjee, X Doan, J Wang, X Guo, R Allaway, S Langmead, ...
Scientific Data 7 (1), 184, 2020
Traditional and systems biology based drug discovery for the rare tumor syndrome neurofibromatosis type 2
Synodos for NF2 Consortium, R Allaway, SP Angus, RL Beauchamp, ...
PLoS One 13 (6), e0197350, 2018
Integrative analysis identifies candidate tumor microenvironment and intracellular signaling pathways that define tumor heterogeneity in NF1
J Banerjee, RJ Allaway, JN Taroni, A Baker, X Zhang, CI Moon, ...
Genes 11 (2), 226, 2020
Gold nanoparticle trafficking of typically excluded compounds across the cell membrane in JB6 Cl 41-5a cells causes assay interference
AM Keene, RJ Allaway, N Sadrieh, KM Tyner
Nanotoxicology 5 (4), 469-478, 2011
Engaging a community to enable disease-centric data sharing with the NF Data Portal
RJ Allaway, S La Rosa, S Verma, L Mangravite, J Guinney, J Blakeley, ...
Scientific data 6 (1), 319, 2019
A crowdsourcing approach to develop machine learning models to quantify radiographic joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis
D Sun, TM Nguyen, RJ Allaway, J Wang, V Chung, VY Thomas, M Mason, ...
JAMA network open 5 (8), e2227423-e2227423, 2022
Crowdsourced identification of multi-target kinase inhibitors for RET-and TAU-based disease: The Multi-Targeting Drug DREAM Challenge
Z Xiong, M Jeon, RJ Allaway, J Kang, D Park, J Lee, H Jeon, M Ko, ...
PLoS computational biology 17 (9), e1009302, 2021
Probing the chemical–biological relationship space with the Drug Target Explorer
RJ Allaway, S La Rosa, J Guinney, SJC Gosline
Journal of Cheminformatics 10, 1-14, 2018
Exploiting mitochondrial and metabolic homeostasis as a vulnerability in NF1 deficient cells
RJ Allaway, MD Wood, SL Downey, SJ Bouley, NA Traphagen, JD Wells, ...
Oncotarget 9 (22), 15860, 2018
COVID-19 in people with neurofibromatosis 1, neurofibromatosis 2, or schwannomatosis
J Banerjee, JM Friedman, LJ Klesse, KH Yohay, JT Jordan, SR Plotkin, ...
Genetics in Medicine 25 (2), 100324, 2023
A crowdsourcing approach to develop machine learning models to quantify radiographic joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis
D Sun, TM Nguyen, RJ Allaway, J Wang, V Chung, TV Yu, M Mason, ...
medRxiv, 2021.10. 25.21265495, 2021
Method for the treatment of NF1-or RAS-associated disorders
Y Sanchez, RJ Allaway, M Wood
US Patent 9,775,833, 2017
Genomic features of NF1-associated peripheral nerve sheath tumors: a cohort analysis from the Johns Hopkins NF1 biospecimen repository
J Banerjee, Y Lyu, SC Makri, AJ Scott, L Zhang, A Calizo, K Pollard, ...
bioRxiv, 2024.01. 23.576977, 2024
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