Jelena M Aleksic
Jelena M Aleksic
Senior Research Fellow
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A new phylogeny for the genus Picea from plastid, mitochondrial, and nuclear sequences
JD Lockwood, JM Aleksić, J Zou, J Wang, J Liu, SS Renner
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 69 (3), 717-727, 2013
Faba bean
G Duc, JM Aleksić, P Marget, A Mikic, J Paull, RJ Redden, O Sass, ...
Grain legumes, 141-178, 2015
Genomic data provide new insights on the demographic history and the extent of recent material transfers in Norway spruce
J Chen, L Li, P Milesi, G Jansson, M Berlin, B Karlsson, J Aleksic, ...
Evolutionary Applications 12 (8), 1539-1551, 2019
A Simple and Efficient DNA Isolation Method for Salvia officinalis
JM Aleksić, D Stojanović, B Banović, R Jančić
Biochemical Genetics 50, 881-892, 2012
Quaternary population dynamics of an endemic conifer, Picea omorika, and their conservation implications
JM Aleksić, T Geburek
Conservation Genetics 15, 87-107, 2014
Honey bee viruses in Serbian colonies of different strength
D Cirkovic, J Stevanovic, U Glavinic, N Aleksic, S Djuric, J Aleksic, ...
PeerJ 6, e5887, 2018
Mitochondrial DNA perspective of Serbian genetic diversity
S Davidovic, B Malyarchuk, JM Aleksic, M Derenko, V Topalovic, ...
American journal of physical anthropology 156 (3), 449-465, 2015
Mitochondrial DNA reveals complex genetic structuring in a stenoendemic conifer Picea omorika [(Panč.) Purk.] caused by its long persistence within the refugial …
JM Aleksić, T Geburek
Plant systematics and evolution 285, 1-11, 2010
A Mediterranean medicinal plant in the continental Balkans: A plastid DNA-based phylogeographic survey of Salvia officinalis (Lamiaceae) and its conservation implications
D Stojanović, JM Aleksić, I Jančić, R Jančić
Willdenowia, 103-118, 2015
New insights into the origin and the genetic status of the Balkan donkey from Serbia
LJ Stanisic, JM Aleksic, V Dimitrijevic, P Simeunovic, U Glavinic, ...
Animal Genetics 48 (5), 580-590, 2017
Mitochondrial super-haplogroup U diversity in Serbians
S Davidovic, B Malyarchuk, J Aleksic, M Derenko, V Topalovic, A Litvinov, ...
Annals of Human Biology 44 (5), 408-418, 2017
Response of rare and endangered species Picea omorika to climate change-The need for speed
V Ivetić, J Aleksić
Reforesta, 81-99, 2016
EST-SSRs developed for other Picea species amplify in Picea omorika and reveal high genetic variation in two natural populations
JM Aleksić, S Schueler, M Mengl, T Geburek
Belgian Journal of Botany, 89-95, 2009
Comparative phylogeography of capitulate Campanula species from the Balkans, with description of a new species, C. daucoides
JM Aleksić, S Škondrić, D Lakušić
Plant systematics and evolution 304, 549-575, 2018
Phylogeographic and taxonomic considerations on Goniolimon tataricum (Plumbaginaceae) and its relatives from south-eastern Europe and the Apennine Peninsula
U Buzurović, G Tomović, M Niketić, S Bogdanović, JM Aleksić
Plant systematics and evolution 306, 1-22, 2020
Genetic patterns in range-edge populations of Vaccinium species from the central Balkans: implications on conservation prospects and sustainable usage
I Bjedov, D Obratov–Petković, D Mišić, B Šiler, JM Aleksic
Silva Fennica 49 (4), 2015
Forest genetics research in the Mediterranean Basin: bibliometric analysis, knowledge gaps, and perspectives
B Fady, E Esposito, K Abulaila, JM Aleksic, R Alia, P Alizoti, EN Apostol, ...
Current Forestry Reports 8 (3), 277-298, 2022
Exploring and conserving a “microcosm”: whole-population genetic characterization within a refugial area of the endemic, relict conifer Picea omorika
JM Aleksić, A Piotti, T Geburek, GG Vendramin
Conservation Genetics 18, 777-788, 2017
Campanula cichoracea (Campanulaceae), a neglected species from the Balkan-Carpathian C. lingulata complex as inferred from molecular and morphological characters
S Škondrić, JM Aleksić, D Lakušić
Willdenowia, 77-96, 2014
Genetic structure of natural populations of Serbian spruce [Picea omorika (Panč.) Purk.]
JM Aleksić
na, 2008
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