Marcus T. Cicerone
Marcus T. Cicerone
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Enhanced translation of probe molecules in supercooled o‐terphenyl: Signature of spatially heterogeneous dynamics?
MT Cicerone, MD Ediger
The Journal of chemical physics 104 (18), 7210-7218, 1996
How do molecules move near Tg? Molecular rotation of six probes in o‐terphenyl across 14 decades in time
MT Cicerone, FR Blackburn, MD Ediger
The Journal of chemical physics 102 (1), 471-479, 1995
Relaxation of spatially heterogeneous dynamic domains in supercooled ortho‐terphenyl
MT Cicerone, MD Ediger
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Chemically sensitive bioimaging with coherent Raman scattering
CH Camp Jr, MT Cicerone
Nature photonics 9 (5), 295-305, 2015
High-speed coherent Raman fingerprint imaging of biological tissues
CH Camp Jr, YJ Lee, JM Heddleston, CM Hartshorn, ARH Walker, ...
Nature photonics 8 (8), 627-634, 2014
LTB4 is a signal-relay molecule during neutrophil chemotaxis
PV Afonso, M Janka-Junttila, YJ Lee, CP McCann, CM Oliver, KA Aamer, ...
Developmental cell 22 (5), 1079-1091, 2012
Simple approach to one-laser, broadband coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy
TW Kee, MT Cicerone
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The effect of 3D hydrogel scaffold modulus on osteoblast differentiation and mineralization revealed by combinatorial screening
K Chatterjee, S Lin-Gibson, WE Wallace, SH Parekh, YJ Lee, ...
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Anomalous diffusion of probe molecules in polystyrene: evidence for spatially heterogeneous segmental dynamics
MT Cicerone, FR Blackburn, MD Ediger
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Fast dynamics and stabilization of proteins: binary glasses of trehalose and glycerol
MT Cicerone, CL Soles
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Broadband CARS spectral phase retrieval using a time-domain Kramers–Kronig transform
Y Liu, YJ Lee, MT Cicerone
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Stabilization of proteins in solid form
MT Cicerone, MJ Pikal, KK Qian
Advanced drug delivery reviews 93, 14-24, 2015
β-Relaxation governs protein stability in sugar-glass matrices
MT Cicerone, JF Douglas
Soft Matter 8 (10), 2983-2991, 2012
Protein and solvent dynamics: how strongly are they coupled?
G Caliskan, D Mechtani, JH Roh, A Kisliuk, AP Sokolov, S Azzam, ...
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Drying-induced variations in physico-chemical properties of amorphous pharmaceuticals and their impact on stability (I): Stability of a monoclonal antibody
AM Abdul‐Fattah, V Truong‐Le, L Yee, L Nguyen, DS Kalonia, ...
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 96 (8), 1983-2008, 2007
Modulus-driven differentiation of marrow stromal cells in 3D scaffolds that is independent of myosin-based cytoskeletal tension
SH Parekh, K Chatterjee, S Lin-Gibson, NM Moore, MT Cicerone, ...
Biomaterials 32 (9), 2256-2264, 2011
Translational diffusion on heterogeneous lattices: a model for dynamics in glass forming materials
MT Cicerone, PA Wagner, MD Ediger
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 101 (43), 8727-8734, 1997
Photobleaching technique for measuring ultraslow reorientation near and below the glass transition: tetracene in o-terphenyl
MT Cicerone, MD Ediger
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 97 (40), 10489-10497, 1993
Label-free cellular imaging by broadband coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy
SH Parekh, YJ Lee, KA Aamer, MT Cicerone
Biophysical journal 99 (8), 2695-2704, 2010
Impact of sucrose level on storage stability of proteins in freeze-dried solids: II. Correlation of aggregation rate with protein structure and molecular mobility
B Wang, S Tchessalov, MT Cicerone, NW Warne, MJ Pikal
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 98 (9), 3145-3166, 2009
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