Leo Spyracopoulos
Leo Spyracopoulos
Department of Biochemistry, University of Alberta
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Binding of Cardiac Troponin-I147-163 Induces a Structural Opening in Human Cardiac Troponin-C,
MX Li, L Spyracopoulos, BD Sykes
Biochemistry 38 (26), 8289-8298, 1999
Structure of cardiac muscle troponin C unexpectedly reveals a closed regulatory domain
SK Sia, MX Li, L Spyracopoulos, SM Gagné, W Liu, JA Putkey, BD Sykes
Journal of Biological Chemistry 272 (29), 18216-18221, 1997
Calcium-Induced Structural Transition in the Regulatory Domain of Human Cardiac Troponin C,
L Spyracopoulos, MX Li, SK Sia, SM Gagné, M Chandra, RJ Solaro, ...
Biochemistry 36 (40), 12138-12146, 1997
UBE4B promotes Hdm2-mediated degradation of the tumor suppressor p53
H Wu, SL Pomeroy, M Ferreira, N Teider, J Mariani, KI Nakayama, ...
Nature medicine 17 (3), 347-355, 2011
Noncovalent interaction between ubiquitin and the human DNA repair protein Mms2 is required for Ubc13-mediated polyubiquitination
S McKenna, L Spyracopoulos, T Moraes, L Pastushok, C Ptak, W Xiao, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (43), 40120-40126, 2001
Backbone and methyl dynamics of the regulatory domain of troponin C: anisotropic rotational diffusion and contribution of conformational entropy to calcium affinity
SM Gagné, S Tsuda, L Spyracopoulos, LE Kay, BD Sykes
Journal of molecular biology 278 (3), 667-686, 1998
An NMR-based Model of the Ubiquitin-bound Human Ubiquitin Conjugation Complex Mms2· Ubc13: THE STRUCTURAL BASIS FOR LYSINE 63 CHAIN CATALYSIS* 210
S McKenna, T Moraes, L Pastushok, C Ptak, W Xiao, L Spyracopoulos, ...
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Structure and Dynamics of a β-Helical Antifreeze Protein,
ME Daley, L Spyracopoulos, Z Jia, PL Davies, BD Sykes
Biochemistry 41 (17), 5515-5525, 2002
Structure of the C-domain of human cardiac troponin C in complex with the Ca2+ sensitizing drug EMD 57033
X Wang, MX Li, L Spyracopoulos, N Beier, M Chandra, RJ Solaro, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (27), 25456-25466, 2001
Ubc13: the Lys63 ubiquitin chain building machine
CD Hodge, L Spyracopoulos, JNM Glover
Oncotarget 7 (39), 64471, 2016
Structural basis of prion inhibition by phenothiazine compounds
PK Baral, M Swayampakula, MK Rout, NNV Kav, L Spyracopoulos, ...
Structure 22 (2), 291-303, 2014
NMR studies of Ca2+ binding to the regulatory domains of cardiac and E41A skeletal muscle troponin C reveal the importance of site I to energetics of the induced structural changes
MX Li, SM Gagné, L Spyracopoulos, CPAM Kloks, G Audette, M Chandra, ...
Biochemistry 36 (41), 12519-12525, 1997
A suite of Mathematica notebooks for the analysis of protein main chain 15N NMR relaxation data
L Spyracopoulos
Journal of biomolecular NMR 36, 215-224, 2006
The mechanism of Hsp90 ATPase stimulation by Aha1
A Wolmarans, B Lee, L Spyracopoulos, P LaPointe
Scientific reports 6 (1), 33179, 2016
Dynamics and thermodynamics of the regulatory domain of human cardiac troponin C in the apo-and calcium-saturated states
L Spyracopoulos, SM Gagné, MX Li, BD Sykes
Biochemistry 37 (51), 18032-18044, 1998
Covalent inhibition of Ubc13 affects ubiquitin signaling and reveals active site elements important for targeting
CD Hodge, RA Edwards, CJ Markin, D McDonald, M Pulvino, MSY Huen, ...
ACS chemical biology 10 (7), 1718-1728, 2015
NMR analysis of type III antifreeze protein intramolecular dimer: Structural basis for enhanced activity
K Miura, S Ohgiya, T Hoshino, N Nemoto, T Suetake, A Miura, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 276 (2), 1304-1310, 2001
Interaction of cardiac troponin C with Ca2+ sensitizer EMD 57033 and cardiac troponin I inhibitory peptide
MX Li, L Spyracopoulos, N Beier, JA Putkey, BD Sykes
Biochemistry 39 (30), 8782-8790, 2000
Spruce budworm antifreeze protein: changes in structure and dynamics at low temperature
SP Graether, SM Gagné, L Spyracopoulos, Z Jia, PL Davies, BD Sykes
Journal of molecular biology 327 (5), 1155-1168, 2003
Structure, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics of the Structural Domain of Troponin C in Complex with the Regulatory Peptide 1−40 of Troponin I,
P Mercier, L Spyracopoulos, BD Sykes
Biochemistry 40 (34), 10063-10077, 2001
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