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Ig ameen
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A priori error estimates of a Jacobi spectral method for nonlinear systems of fractional boundary value problems and related Volterra-Fredholm integral equations with smooth …
MA Zaky, IG Ameen
Numerical Algorithms 84 (1), 63-89, 2020
A new operational matrix based on Jacobi wavelets for a class of variable-order fractional differential equations
A Mahmoud, IG Ameen, AA Mohamed
Proceedings of the Romanian Academy Series A 18 (4), 315-322, 2017
Singularity preserving spectral collocation method for nonlinear systems of fractional differential equations with the right-sided Caputo fractional derivative
IG Ameen, MA Zaky, EH Doha
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 392, 113468, 2021
A novel Jacob spectral method for multi-dimensional weakly singular nonlinear Volterra integral equations with nonsmooth solutions
MA Zaky, IG Ameen
Engineering with Computers 37 (4), 2623-2631, 2021
On the rate of convergence of spectral collocation methods for nonlinear multi-order fractional initial value problems
MA Zaky, IG Ameen
Computational and Applied Mathematics 38 (3), 144, 2019
On some impulsive differential equations
AS Abdel-Rady, AMA El-Sayed, SZ Rida, I Ameen
Math. Sci. Lett 1 (2), 105-113, 2012
A unified spectral collocation method for nonlinear systems of multi-dimensional integral equations with convergence analysis
MA Zaky, IG Ameen, NA Elkot, EH Doha
Applied Numerical Mathematics 161, 27-45, 2021
On the rate of convergence of the Legendre spectral collocation method for multi-dimensional nonlinear Volterra–Fredholm integral equations
NA Elkot, MA Zaky, EH Doha, IG Ameen
Communications in Theoretical Physics 73 (2), 025002, 2021
A spectral collocation method for coupled system of two dimensional abel integral equations of the second kind
MA Abdelkawy, IG Ameen
Inf. Sci. Lett 8, 89-93, 2019
A pseudo-spectral scheme for systems of two-point boundary value problems with left and right sided fractional derivatives and related integral equations
IG Ameen, NA Elkot, MA Zaky, AS Hendy, EH Doha
Tech Science Press 128 (1), 21-41, 2021
Continuation of a parameterized impulsive differential equation to an internal nonlocal Cauchy problem
AMA El-Sayed, I Ameen
Alexandria journal of Mathematics 2 (1), 2011
Continuation of a parameterized impulsive differential equation to an initial value problem
AMA El-Sayed, AS Abdel-Rady, SZ Rida, I Ameen
J. Math. Comput. Sci. 2 (4), 847-852, 2012
A re-scaling spectral collocation method for the nonlinear fractional pantograph delay differential equations with non-smooth solutions
NA Elkot, EH Doha, IG Ameen, AS Hendy, MA Zaky
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 118, 107017, 2023
On some impulsive differential equations
I Ameen, SZ Rida, AMA El-Sayed, AS Abdel-Rady
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