Olivier Jordan
Olivier Jordan
Senior lecturer, University of Geneva
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Chitosan as a starting material for wound healing applications
V Patrulea, V Ostafe, G Borchard, O Jordan
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A novel thermoresponsive hydrogel based on chitosan
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Recent advances in intra-articular drug delivery systems for osteoarthritis therapy
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The in vivo performance of magnetic particle-loaded injectable, in situ gelling, carriers for the delivery of local hyperthermia
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Biomaterials 31 (4), 691-705, 2010
Dexamethasone-containing biodegradable superparamagnetic microparticles for intra-articular administration: physicochemical and magnetic properties, in vitro and in vivo drug …
N Butoescu, O Jordan, P Burdet, P Stadelmann, A Petri-Fink, H Hofmann, ...
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Effect of particle size on the biodistribution of nano-and microparticles following intra-articular injection in mice
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L Luca, AL Rougemont, BH Walpoth, R Gurny, O Jordan
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Injectable rhBMP‐2‐loaded chitosan hydrogel composite: Osteoinduction at ectopic site and in segmental long bone defect
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An update on antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) and their delivery strategies for wound infections
V Patrulea, G Borchard, O Jordan
Pharmaceutics 12 (9), 840, 2020
In vitro evaluation of an RGD-functionalized chitosan derivative for enhanced cell adhesion
A Hansson, N Hashom, F Falson, P Rousselle, O Jordan, G Borchard
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Self-assembled thermoresponsive nanostructures of hyaluronic acid conjugates for osteoarthritis therapy
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Nanocrystal–polymer particles: extended delivery carriers for osteoarthritis treatment
P Maudens, CA Seemayer, C Thauvin, C Gabay, O Jordan, E Allémann
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Organic solvents as vehicles for precipitating liquid embolics: a comparative angiotoxicity study with superselective injections of swine rete mirabile
O Dudeck, O Jordan, KT Hoffmann, AF Okuducu, K Tesmer, ...
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Molecular modeling for nanomaterial–biology interactions: opportunities, challenges, and perspectives
T Casalini, V Limongelli, M Schmutz, C Som, O Jordan, P Wick, ...
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Hydrothermal growth of iron oxide NPs with a uniform size distribution for magnetically induced hyperthermia: Structural, colloidal and magnetic properties
S Gyergyek, D Makovec, M Jagodič, M Drofenik, K Schenk, O Jordan, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 694, 261-271, 2017
Wound healing promotion by hyaluronic acid: Effect of molecular weight on gene expression and in vivo wound closure
Y Kawano, V Patrulea, E Sublet, G Borchard, T Iyoda, R Kageyama, ...
Pharmaceuticals 14 (4), 301, 2021
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