Stefan Breuer
Stefan Breuer
Team leader at TU Darmstadt, Research Fellow at Harvard University
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In-phase and anti-phase synchronization in a laser frequency comb
J Hillbrand, D Auth, M Piccardo, N Opačak, E Gornik, G Strasser, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (2), 023901, 2020
Timing jitter reduction of passively mode-locked semiconductor lasers by self-and external-injection: Numerical description and experiments
L Drzewietzki, S Breuer, W Elsäßer
Optics express 21 (13), 16142-16161, 2013
Dynamics of a passively mode-locked semiconductor laser subject to dual-cavity optical feedback
L Jaurigue, O Nikiforov, E Schöll, S Breuer, K Lüdge
Physical Review E 93 (2), 022205, 2016
Investigations of repetition rate stability of a mode-locked quantum dot semiconductor laser in an auxiliary optical fiber cavity
S Breuer, W Elsasser, JG McInerney, K Yvind, J Pozo, EAJM Bente, ...
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 46 (2), 150-157, 2010
Experimental demonstration of change of dynamical properties of a passively mode-locked semiconductor laser subject to dual optical feedback by dual full delay-range tuning
O Nikiforov, L Jaurigue, L Drzewietzki, K Lüdge, S Breuer
Optics Express 24 (13), 14301-14310, 2016
Switching between ground and excited states by optical feedback in a quantum dot laser diode
M Virte, S Breuer, M Sciamanna, K Panajotov
Applied Physics Letters 105 (12), 121109, 2014
3D-printable portable open-source platform for low-cost lens-less holographic cellular imaging
S Amann, M von Witzleben, S Breuer
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-10, 2019
High peak power and sub-picosecond Fourier-limited pulse generation from passively mode-locked monolithic two-section gain-guided tapered InGaAs quantum-dot lasers
DI Nikitichev, Y Ding, MA Cataluna, EU Rafailov, L Drzewietzki, S Breuer, ...
Laser Physics 22 (4), 715, 2012
Ultra-Short Pulse Generation in a Three Section Tapered Passively Mode-Locked Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Laser
S Meinecke, L Drzewietzki, C Weber, B Lingnau, S Breuer, K Lüdge
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 1783, 2019
Picosecond pulse amplification up to a peak power of 42 W by a quantum-dot tapered optical amplifier and a mode-locked laser emitting at 1.26 µm
C Weber, L Drzewietzki, M Rossetti, T Xu, P Bardella, H Simos, ...
Optics letters 40 (3), 395-398, 2015
Passively mode-locked semiconductor quantum dot on silicon laser with 400 Hz RF line width
D Auth, S Liu, J Norman, JE Bowers, S Breuer
Optics express 27 (19), 27256-27266, 2019
Theoretical and experimental investigations of the temperature dependent continuous wave lasing characteristics and the switch-on dynamics of an InAs/InGaAs quantum-dot …
L Drzewietzki, GAP Thè, M Gioannini, S Breuer, I Montrosset, W Elsäßer, ...
Optics Communications 283 (24), 5092-5098, 2010
Threshold behavior of optical frequency comb self-generation in an InAs/InGaAs quantum dot laser
C Weber, LL Columbo, M Gioannini, S Breuer, P Bardella
Optics letters 44 (14), 3478-3481, 2019
Joint experimental and theoretical investigations of two-state mode locking in a strongly chirped reverse-biased monolithic quantum dot laser
S Breuer, M Rossetti, L Drzewietzki, P Bardella, I Montrosset, W Elsasser
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 47 (10), 1320-1329, 2011
Simulation and Analysis of Dynamic Regimes Involving Ground and Excited State Transitions in Quantum Dot Passively Mode-Locked Lasers (vol 48, pg 1193, 2012)
T Xu, M Rossetti, P Bardella, I Montrosset, S Breuer, M Rossetti, ...
Reverse-emission-state-transition mode locking of a two-section InAs/InGaAs quantum dot laser
S Breuer, M Rossetti, W Elsässer, L Drzewietzki, P Bardella, I Montrosset, ...
Applied Physics Letters 97 (7), 071118, 2010
Two-state semiconductor laser self-mixing velocimetry exploiting coupled quantum-dot emission-states: experiment, simulation and theory
M Gioannini, M Dommermuth, L Drzewietzki, I Krestnikov, D Livshits, ...
Optics express 22 (19), 23402-23414, 2014
Timing phase noise reduction of modelocked quantum-dot lasers by time-delayed optoelectronic feedback
L Drzewietzki, S Breuer, W Elsaber
Electronics Letters 49 (8), 557-559, 2013
State-switched modelocking of two-segment quantum dot laser via self-electro-optical quantum dot absorber
S Breuer, W Elsaber, M Hopkinson
Electronics letters 46 (2), 161-162, 2010
Relative intensity noise reduction in a dual-state quantum-dot laser by optical feedback
R Pawlus, S Breuer, M Virte
Optics letters 42 (21), 4259-4262, 2017
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