Zhen Lin, MD, PhD
Zhen Lin, MD, PhD
Tulane University School of Medicine
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Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 induces cellular MicroRNA miR-146a, a modulator of lymphocyte signaling pathways
JE Cameron, Q Yin, C Fewell, M Lacey, J McBride, X Wang, Z Lin, ...
Journal of virology 82 (4), 1946-1958, 2008
MicroRNA-155 is an Epstein-Barr virus-induced gene that modulates Epstein-Barr virus-regulated gene expression pathways
Q Yin, J McBride, C Fewell, M Lacey, X Wang, Z Lin, J Cameron, ...
Journal of virology 82 (11), 5295-5306, 2008
Ultra-sensitive and high-throughput CRISPR-p owered COVID-19 diagnosis
Z Huang, D Tian, Y Liu, Z Lin, CJ Lyon, W Lai, D Fusco, A Drouin, X Yin, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 164, 112316, 2020
A smartphone-read ultrasensitive and quantitative saliva test for COVID-19
B Ning, T Yu, S Zhang, Z Huang, D Tian, Z Lin, A Niu, N Golden, ...
Science advances 7 (2), eabe3703, 2021
Epstein–Barr virus growth/latency III program alters cellular microRNA expression
JE Cameron, C Fewell, Q Yin, J McBride, X Wang, Z Lin, EK Flemington
Virology 382 (2), 257-266, 2008
Differences in gastric carcinoma microenvironment stratify according to EBV infection intensity: implications for possible immune adjuvant therapy
MJ Strong, G Xu, J Coco, C Baribault, DS Vinay, MR Lacey, AL Strong, ...
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Microbial contamination in next generation sequencing: implications for sequence-based analysis of clinical samples
MJ Strong, G Xu, L Morici, S Splinter Bon-Durant, M Baddoo, Z Lin, ...
PLoS pathogens 10 (11), e1004437, 2014
Whole-genome sequencing of the Akata and Mutu Epstein-Barr virus strains
Z Lin, X Wang, MJ Strong, M Concha, M Baddoo, G Xu, C Baribault, ...
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The epstein barr virus circRNAome
N Ungerleider, M Concha, Z Lin, C Roberts, X Wang, S Cao, M Baddoo, ...
PLoS pathogens 14 (8), e1007206, 2018
MicroRNA miR-155 inhibits bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling and BMP-mediated Epstein-Barr virus reactivation
Q Yin, X Wang, C Fewell, J Cameron, H Zhu, M Baddoo, Z Lin, ...
Journal of virology 84 (13), 6318-6327, 2010
Comprehensive high-throughput RNA sequencing analysis reveals contamination of multiple nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines with HeLa cell genomes
MJ Strong, M Baddoo, A Nanbo, M Xu, A Puetter, Z Lin
Journal of virology 88 (18), 10696-10704, 2014
High-throughput RNA sequencing-based virome analysis of 50 lymphoma cell lines from the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia project
S Cao, MJ Strong, X Wang, WN Moss, M Concha, Z Lin, T O'Grady, ...
Journal of virology 89 (1), 713-729, 2015
The Wound Dressings and Their Applications in Wound Healing and Management
J Lei, L Sun, P Li, C Zhu, Z Lin, V Mackey, D Coy, Q He
Health Science Journal 13 (4), 1-8, 2019
Transcriptome and targetome analysis in MIR155 expressing cells using RNA-seq
G Xu, C Fewell, C Taylor, N Deng, D Hedges, X Wang, K Zhang, M Lacey, ...
Rna 16 (8), 1610-1622, 2010
The Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 and transforming growth factor–β1 synergistically induce epithelial–mesenchymal transition in lung epithelial cells
MD Sides, RC Klingsberg, B Shan, KA Gordon, HT Nguyen, Z Lin, ...
American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology 44 (6), 852-862, 2011
Global bidirectional transcription of the Epstein-Barr virus genome during reactivation
T O'Grady, S Cao, MJ Strong, M Concha, X Wang, S Splinter BonDurant, ...
Journal of virology 88 (3), 1604-1616, 2014
A comprehensive next generation sequencing-based virome assessment in brain tissue suggests no major virus-tumor association
MJ Strong, E Blanchard, Z Lin, CA Morris, M Baddoo, CM Taylor, ML Ware, ...
Acta neuropathologica communications 4, 1-10, 2016
Identification of new viral genes and transcript isoforms during Epstein-Barr virus reactivation using RNA-Seq
M Concha, X Wang, S Cao, M Baddoo, C Fewell, Z Lin, W Hulme, ...
Journal of virology 86 (3), 1458-1467, 2012
miRNAs in the pathogenesis of oncogenic human viruses
Z Lin, EK Flemington
Cancer letters 305 (2), 186-199, 2011
Quantitative and qualitative RNA-Seq-based evaluation of Epstein-Barr virus transcription in type I latency Burkitt's lymphoma cells
Z Lin, G Xu, N Deng, C Taylor, D Zhu, EK Flemington
Journal of virology 84 (24), 13053-13058, 2010
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