Amira Cipurković
Amira Cipurković
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Tuzla
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Distribution of heavy metals in Portland cement production process
A Cipurkovic, I Trumic, Z Hodžic, V Selimbašic, A Djozic
Adv. Appl. Sci. Res 5 (6), 252-259, 2014
Heavy metals in sedimentary dust in the industrial city of Lukavac
A Cipurković, V Selimbašić, I Tanjić, S Mičević, D Pelemiš, R Čeliković
European Journal of Scientific Research 54 (3), 347-62, 2011
Synthesis and spectral characterization of Fe(II) and Mn(II) complexes with oral fluorouracil pro-drug Capecitabine
A Cipurković, E Horozić, N Ljubijankić, A Odobašić, S Galijašević, ...
RASĀYAN Journal of Chemistry 10 (4), 1381-1390, 2017
Biodegradable Polymers: Production, properties and application in medicine
A Cipurković, E Horozić, N Đonlagić, S Marić, M Saletović, Z Ademović
The International Joint Science Congress of Materials and Polymers, 2017
Heavy metals in dust deposition in the vicinity of coal ash disposal site Divkovici II
A Dozic, V Selimbasic, A Cipurkovic, A Crnkic, Z Hodzic, I Trumic
Journal of Life Sciences 8 (5), 2014
Biological recultivation with mining waste material and intake of heavy metals
V Selimbasic, A Cipurkovic, N Donlagic, V Stuhli, A Dozic
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 12 (1), 181-187, 2011
Synthesis, spectral characterization and antimicrobial activity of some M (II) complexes with Ciprofloxacin
E Horozić, A Cipurković, Z Ademović, D Bjelošević, A Zukić, L Kolarević, ...
Journal of Engineering & Processing Management 10 (2), 16-22, 2018
Spectroscopic Investigations of Co(II) and Cu(II) Interaction with Imatinib Mesylate and Capecitabine
A Cipurković, E Horozić, A Crnkić, S Marić, N Ljubijankić
Bulletin of the Chemists and Technologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina 47, 11-16, 2016
Bioneorganska hemija
A Cipurković
Metal Pollution Assesment in Sediments of Spreča River
A Đozić, V Selimbašić, A Cipurković, I Tanjić, M Uljić, M Zohorović
Technologica Acta 7 (1), 2014
Recycling of Waste Materials and Utilization of Alternative Fuels in the Cement Factory in Lukavac
A Cipurković, Z Osmanović, P Petrovski, H Smailhodžić
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, B.EN.A. 6 (4), 912-920, 2005
Synthesis, spectral characterization, antibacterial and antifungal activity of copper (II)-pABA Complex
E Horozić, Z Ademović, J Suljagić, A Cipurković, E Roša, A Sejfić, ...
Tehnološki fakultet Tuzla 12 (1), 27-30, 2019
Synthesis, characterization and in vitro antimicrobial activity of the Cu (II) and Fe (III) complexes with 1-cyclopropyl-6-fluoro-4-oxo-7-(piperazin-1-yl)-1, 4-dihydroquinoline …
E Horozić, A Cipurković, Z Ademović, L Kolarević, D Bjelošević, A Zukić, ...
Bull. Chem. Technol. Bosnia Herzeg 51, 1-5, 2018
Anti-Infective and Anti-Tumor Activity of Some Metal Complexes (M(II)-M(IV)) With Schiff Bases
E Horozić, A Cipurković, N Ljubijankić
Technologica Acta 10 (1), 2017
Assessment of mercury pollution in soils along Jala and Spreča river banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina
A Cipurković, I Trumić, V Selimbašić, A Djozić, J Tunjić, ZĐ Jusić
Assessment of Heavy Metal Distribution and Contamination in Soils at Jala River Banks
A Cipurkovic, J Tunjic, V Selimbasic, A Djozic, I Trumic
Effect of Raw Materials and Reduction Agents on Hexavalent Chromium Levels in Portland Cement
I Tanjić, A Cipurković, S Mičević, V Selimbašić, E Halilčević, M Imamović, ...
Investigation of Nutrients in Modrac Lake
A Cipurković, G Avdić, R Kubiček, P Petrovski
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, B.EN.A 8 (1), 11-16, 2007
Complexes of Co (II), Cu (II) and Ni (II) with Antineoplastic Agent Imatinib Mesylate: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity
A Cipurković, S Marić, E Horozić, S Hodžić, D Husejnagić, L Kolarević, ...
American Journal of Chemistry 9 (6), 159-164, 2019
Application of dendrimers and quantum dots in cancer diagnosis and therapy
E Horozić
Acta Medica Saliniana 48 (1-2), 2018
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