Hossein Soleimani
Hossein Soleimani
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Recursive Gath–Geva clustering as a basis for evolving neuro-fuzzy modeling
H Soleimani-B, C Lucas, BN Araabi
Evolving Systems 1, 59-71, 2010
Scalable joint models for reliable uncertainty-aware event prediction
H Soleimani, J Hensman, S Saria
IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 40 (8), 1948-1963, 2018
Treatment-response models for counterfactual reasoning with continuous-time, continuous-valued interventions
H Soleimani, A Subbaswamy, S Saria
arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.02038, 2017
Semi-supervised multi-label topic models for document classification and sentence labeling
H Soleimani, DJ Miller
Proceedings of the 25th ACM international on conference on information and …, 2016
Parsimonious Topic Models with Salient Word Discovery
H Soleimani, DJ Miller
Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on 27 (3), 2014
ATD: Anomalous topic discovery in high dimensional discrete data
H Soleimani, DJ Miller
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 28 (9), 2267-2280, 2016
Prospective, multi-site study of patient outcomes after implementation of the TREWS machine learning-based early warning system for sepsis
R Adams, KE Henry, A Sridharan, H Soleimani, A Zhan, N Rawat, ...
Nature medicine 28 (7), 1455-1460, 2022
Deep neural network-based automatic metasurface design with a wide frequency range
F Ghorbani, S Beyraghi, J Shabanpour, H Oraizi, H Soleimani, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-8, 2021
Adaptive prediction of epileptic seizures from intracranial recordings
H Soleimani-B, C Lucas, B N Araabi, L Schwabe
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 7 (5), 456-464, 2012
A deep learning approach for inverse design of the metasurface for dual-polarized waves
F Ghorbani, J Shabanpour, S Beyraghi, H Soleimani, H Oraizi, ...
Applied Physics A 127, 1-7, 2021
An analytical solution for free liquid sloshing in a finite-length horizontal cylindrical container filled to an arbitrary depth
SM Hasheminejad, H Soleimani
Applied Mathematical Modelling 48, 338-352, 2017
Factors driving provider adoption of the TREWS machine learning-based early warning system and its effects on sepsis treatment timing
KE Henry, R Adams, C Parent, H Soleimani, A Sridharan, L Johnson, ...
Nature medicine 28 (7), 1447-1454, 2022
Semisupervised, multilabel, multi-instance learning for structured data
H Soleimani, DJ Miller
Neural computation 29 (4), 1053-1102, 2017
Exploiting the value of class labels on high-dimensional feature spaces: topic models for semi-supervised document classification
H Soleimani, DJ Miller
Pattern Analysis and Applications 22, 299-309, 2019
Fast evolving neuro-fuzzy model and its application in online classification and time series prediction
H Soleimani-B, C Lucas, BN Araabi
Pattern Analysis & Applications 15 (3), 279-288, 2012
Automating measurement of trainee work hours
H Soleimani, J Adler‐Milstein, RJ Cucina, SG Murray
Journal of Hospital Medicine 16 (7), 404-408, 2021
Linear solution for liquid sloshing in an upright elliptical cylindrical container with an eccentric core barrel
SM Hasheminejad, H Soleimani
Journal of Engineering Mechanics 143 (9), 04017105, 2017
Characterizing styles of clinical note production and relationship to clinical work hours among first-year residents
JJ Gong, H Soleimani, SG Murray, J Adler-Milstein
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 29 (1), 120-127, 2022
Deep learning approach for target locating in through-the-wall radar under electromagnetic complex wall
F Ghorbani, H Soleimani, M Soleimani
arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.07990, 2021
Simultaneous estimation of wall and object parameters in TWR using deep neural network
F Ghorbani, H Soleimani
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation 2022, 2021
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