Ananda Maity
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S Rout, AG Maity, A Mukherjee, S Halder, M Banik
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Detection of genuine tripartite entanglement by multiple sequential observers
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Random-Receiver Quantum Communication
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Multiparty orthogonal product states with minimal genuine nonlocality
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Tighter Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering inequality based on the sum-uncertainty relation
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Self-testing of binary Pauli measurements requiring neither entanglement nor any dimensional restriction
AG Maity, S Mal, C Jebarathinam, AS Majumdar
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Ability of unbounded pairs of observers to achieve quantum advantage in random access codes with a single pair of qubits
D Das, A Ghosal, AG Maity, S Kanjilal, A Roy
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Detecting non-Markovianity via uncertainty relations
AG Maity, S Bhattacharya, AS Maujmdar
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Robust certification of arbitrary outcome quantum measurements from temporal correlations
D Das, AG Maity, D Saha, AS Majumdar
Quantum 6, 716, 2022
Local state discrimination and ordering of multipartite entangled states
S Rout, AG Maity, A Mukherjee, S Halder, M Banik
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Activating information backflow with the assistance of quantum SWITCH
AG Maity, S Bhattacharya
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Quantum superposition of causal-structure as a universal resource for local implementation of nonlocal quantum operations
P Ghosal, A Ghosal, D Das, AG Maity
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Emergent non-Markovianity and dynamical quantification of the quantum switch
V Anand, AG Maity, S Mitra, S Bhattacharya
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Assessing non-Markovian dynamics through the moments of Choi state
B Mallick, S Mukherjee, AG Maity, AS Majumdar
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Interplay between the Hilbert-space dimension of the control system and the memory induced by quantum SWITCH
S Mukherjee, B Mallick, S Yanamandra, S Bhattacharya, AG Maity
arXiv preprint arXiv:2312.11685, 2023
Noise estimation in an entanglement distillation protocol
AG Maity, JCA Casapao, N Benchasattabuse, M Hajdusek, R Van Meter, ...
ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review 51 (2), 66-68, 2023
Noise is resource-contextual in quantum communication
A Nema, AG Maity, S Strelchuk, D Elkouss
arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.00680, 2023
Role of nonclassical temporal correlation in powering quantum random access codes
S Bera, AG Maity, S Mal, AS Majumdar
Physical Review A 106 (4), 042439, 2022
Study of various quantum information theoretic resources and their applications
AG Maity
Kolkata, 2022
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