Slađana Strmečki Kos
Slađana Strmečki Kos
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Characterization of phytoplankton exudates and carbohydrates in relation to their complexation of copper, cadmium and iron
S Strmečki, M Plavšić, S Steigenberger, U Passow
Marine Ecology Progress Series 408, 33-46, 2010
Constant current chronopotentiometric stripping of sulphated polysaccharides
S Strmečki, M Plavšić, B Ćosović, V Ostatna, E Paleček
Electrochemistry communications 11 (10), 2032-2035, 2009
Adsorptive transfer chronopotentiometric stripping of sulphated polysaccharides
S Strmečki, M Plavšić
Electrochemistry communications 18, 100-103, 2012
Copper complexing ligands and organic matter characterization in the northern Adriatic Sea
M Plavšić, B Gašparović, S Strmečki, V Vojvodić, N Tepić
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 85 (2), 299-306, 2009
Determination of the copper complexing ligands in the Krka river estuary
M Plavšić, Ž Kwokal, S Strmečki, Ž Peharec, D Omanović, M Branica
Fresenius Environ. Bull 18 (3), 327-334, 2009
Organic matter in the karstic enclosed bay (Boka Kotorska Bay, south Adriatic Sea)—influence of freshwater input
J Dautović, S Strmečki, B Pestorić, V Vojvodić, M Plavšić, S Krivokapić, ...
Fresenius Environ Bull 21, 995-1006, 2012
Characterization of atmospheric surfactants in the bulk precipitation by electrochemical tools
P Orlović-Leko, Z Kozarac, B Ćosović, S Strmečki, M Plavšić
Journal of atmospheric chemistry 66 (1-2), 11-26, 2010
Seasonal distribution of organic matter and copper under stratified conditions in a karstic, marine, sulfide rich environment (Rogoznica Lake, Croatia)
M Plavšić, I Ciglenečki, S Strmečki, E Bura-Nakić
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 92 (2), 277-285, 2011
Constant current chronopotentiometric stripping analysis of "N-catalyst" in sodium chloride solution and seawater
S Strmečki, M Plavšić, B Ćosović
Electroanalysis 22 (1), 91-98, 2010
Complexation of copper ions in atmospheric precipitation in Croatia
M Plavšić, P Orlović-Leko, Z Kozarac, E Bura-Nakić, S Strmečki, ...
Atmospheric research 87 (1), 80-87, 2008
Constant current chronopotentiometric stripping characterisation of organic matter in seawater from the northern Adriatic, Croatia
S Strmečki, J Dautović, M Plavšić
Environmental Chemistry 11 (2), 158-166, 2014
Copper complexing properties and physico-chemical characterisation of the organic matter in Greek herbal infusions
S Karavoltsos, M Plavšić, N Kalogeropoulos, DAA Kogiannou, S Strmečki, ...
Food chemistry 160, 53-60, 2014
Copper complexing properties of exudates and metabolites of macroalgae from the Aegean Sea
S Karavoltsos, A Sakellari, S Strmečki, M Plavšić, E Ioannou, V Roussis, ...
Chemosphere 91 (11), 1590-1595, 2013
An ex situ electrocatalytic analysis of κ-, ι-, and λ-carrageenan on mercury electrode in seawater
S Strmečki, M Plavšić
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 712, 1-7, 2014
Adsorption/desorption of biomacromolecules involved in catalytic hydrogen evolution
S Strmečki, E Paleček
Bioelectrochemistry 120, 87-93, 2018
Assessing trace metal contamination and organic matter in the brackish lakes as the major source of potable water
V Cuculić, N Cukrov, Ž Kwokal, S Strmečki, M Plavšić
Environmental geochemistry and health 40 (1), 489-503, 2018
Immunoassays of chemically modified polysaccharides, glycans in glycoproteins and ribose in nucleic acids
S Strmečki, M Trefulka, P Zatloukalová, M Durech, B Vojtesek, E Paleček
Analytica chimica acta 955, 108-115, 2017
Carbohydrate polymers as constituents of exopolymer substances in seawater, their complexing properties towards copper ions, surface and catalytic activity determined by …
M Plavšić, S Strmečki
Carbohydrate polymers 135, 48-56, 2016
Characterization and distribution of organic matter using specific physico-chemical methods: a case study of the southeast Adriatic continental and shelf slope (Albania)
M Plavšić, S Strmečki, J Dautović, V Vojvodić, G Olujić, B Ćosović
Continental Shelf Research 39, 41-48, 2012
Electrochemical evaluation of iron-binding ligands along the Australian GEOTRACES southwestern Pacific section (GP13)
DJE Cabanes, L Norman, AR Bowie, S Strmečki, CS Hassler
Marine Chemistry 219, 103736, 2020
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