Marco Zeiger
Marco Zeiger
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Carbon onions for electrochemical energy storage
M Zeiger, N Jäckel, VN Mochalin, V Presser
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (9), 3172-3196, 2016
Graphitization as a universal tool to tailor the potential‐dependent capacitance of carbon supercapacitors
D Weingarth, M Zeiger, N Jäckel, M Aslan, G Feng, V Presser
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (13), 1400316, 2014
Faradaic deionization of brackish and sea water via pseudocapacitive cation and anion intercalation into few-layered molybdenum disulfide
P Srimuk, J Lee, S Fleischmann, S Choudhury, N Jäckel, M Zeiger, C Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (30), 15640-15649, 2017
Understanding structure and porosity of nanodiamond-derived carbon onions
M Zeiger, N Jäckel, M Aslan, D Weingarth, V Presser
Carbon 84, 584-598, 2015
Anomalous or regular capacitance? The influence of pore size dispersity on double-layer formation
N Jäckel, M Rodner, A Schreiber, J Jeongwook, M Zeiger, M Aslan, ...
Journal of Power Sources 326, 660-671, 2016
Comparison of carbon onions and carbon blacks as conductive additives for carbon supercapacitors in organic electrolytes
N Jäckel, D Weingarth, M Zeiger, M Aslan, I Grobelsek, V Presser
Journal of Power Sources 272, 1122-1133, 2014
Enhanced performance stability of carbon/titania hybrid electrodes during capacitive deionization of oxygen saturated saline water
P Srimuk, M Zeiger, N Jäckel, A Tolosa, B Krüner, S Fleischmann, ...
Electrochimica Acta 224, 314-328, 2017
New insights into the structure of nanoporous carbons from NMR, Raman, and pair distribution function analysis
AC Forse, C Merlet, PK Allan, EK Humphreys, JM Griffin, M Aslan, ...
Chemistry of materials 27 (19), 6848-6857, 2015
A high-rate aqueous symmetric pseudocapacitor based on highly graphitized onion-like carbon/birnessite-type manganese oxide nanohybrids
K Makgopa, PM Ejikeme, CJ Jafta, K Raju, M Zeiger, V Presser, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (7), 3480-3490, 2015
Improved capacitive deionization performance of mixed hydrophobic/hydrophilic activated carbon electrodes
M Aslan, M Zeiger, N Jäckel, I Grobelsek, D Weingarth, V Presser
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 (11), 114003, 2016
Dispersion analysis of carbon nanotubes, carbon onions, and nanodiamonds for their application as reinforcement phase in nickel metal matrix composites
L Reinert, M Zeiger, S Suárez, V Presser, F Mücklich
RSC advances 5 (115), 95149-95159, 2015
Nanoconfinement of redox reactions enables rapid zinc iodide energy storage with high efficiency
J Lee, P Srimuk, S Fleischmann, A Ridder, M Zeiger, V Presser
Journal of materials chemistry A 5 (24), 12520-12527, 2017
Performance evaluation of conductive additives for activated carbon supercapacitors in organic electrolyte
N Jäckel, D Weingarth, A Schreiber, B Krüner, M Zeiger, A Tolosa, ...
Electrochimica Acta 191, 284-298, 2016
Vacuum or flowing argon: What is the best synthesis atmosphere for nanodiamond-derived carbon onions for supercapacitor electrodes?
M Zeiger, N Jäckel, D Weingarth, V Presser
Carbon 94, 507-517, 2015
Enhanced capacitance of nitrogen-doped hierarchically porous carbide-derived carbon in matched ionic liquids
JK Ewert, D Weingarth, C Denner, M Friedrich, M Zeiger, A Schreiber, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (37), 18906-18912, 2015
Hydrogen-treated, sub-micrometer carbon beads for fast capacitive deionization with high performance stability
B Krüner, P Srimuk, S Fleischmann, M Zeiger, A Schreiber, M Aslan, ...
Carbon 117, 46-54, 2017
Niobium carbide nanofibers as a versatile precursor for high power supercapacitor and high energy battery electrodes
A Tolosa, B Krüner, S Fleischmann, N Jäckel, M Zeiger, M Aslan, ...
Journal of materials chemistry A 4 (41), 16003-16016, 2016
Quinone‐Decorated Onion‐Like Carbon/Carbon Fiber Hybrid Electrodes for High‐Rate Supercapacitor Applications
M Zeiger, D Weingarth, V Presser
ChemElectroChem 2 (8), 1117-1127, 2015
Surface structure influences contact killing of bacteria by copper
M Zeiger, M Solioz, H Edongué, E Arzt, AS Schneider
MicrobiologyOpen 3 (3), 327-332, 2014
Effects of synthesis parameters on carbon nanotubes manufactured by template-based chemical vapor deposition
M Golshadi, J Maita, D Lanza, M Zeiger, V Presser, MG Schrlau
Carbon 80, 28-39, 2014
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