Massimiliano Cariati
Massimiliano Cariati
Clinical Lecturer in Breast Surgery, King's College London
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Alpha‐6 integrin is necessary for the tumourigenicity of a stem cell‐like subpopulation within the MCF7 breast cancer cell line
M Cariati, A Naderi, JP Brown, MJ Smalley, SE Pinder, C Caldas, ...
International journal of cancer 122 (2), 298-304, 2008
p300 regulates p53-dependent apoptosis after DNA damage in colorectal cancer cells by modulation of PUMA/p21 levels
NG Iyer, SF Chin, H Ozdag, Y Daigo, DE Hu, M Cariati, K Brindle, ...
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A Novel Model of Dormancy for Bone Metastatic Breast Cancer CellsBreast Cancer Metastatic Niche
R Marlow, G Honeth, S Lombardi, M Cariati, S Hessey, A Pipili, V Mariotti, ...
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Intraoperative assessment of tumor resection margins in breast-conserving surgery using 18F-FDG Cerenkov luminescence imaging: a first-in-human feasibility study
MR Grootendorst, M Cariati, SE Pinder, A Kothari, M Douek, T Kovacs, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 58 (6), 891-898, 2017
BEX2 is overexpressed in a subset of primary breast cancers and mediates nerve growth factor/nuclear factor-κB inhibition of apoptosis in breast cancer cell lines
A Naderi, AE Teschendorff, J Beigel, M Cariati, IO Ellis, JD Brenton, ...
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Stem cells and breast cancer
M Cariati, AD Purushotham
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Use of a handheld terahertz pulsed imaging device to differentiate benign and malignant breast tissue
MR Grootendorst, AJ Fitzgerald, SGB De Koning, A Santaolalla, A Portieri, ...
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Age at diagnosis and distant metastasis in breast cancer–a surprising inverse relationship
A Purushotham, E Shamil, M Cariati, O Agbaje, A Muhidin, C Gillett, ...
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Adjuvant taxanes and the development of breast cancer-related arm lymphoedema
M Cariati, SK Bains, MR Grootendorst, A Suyoi, AM Peters, P Mortimer, ...
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“Inflammatory” breast cancer
M Cariati, TM Bennett-Britton, SE Pinder, AD Purushotham
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Breast cancer, stem cells and prospects for therapy
MD Lynch, M Cariati, AD Purushotham
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Neoadjuvant chemotherapy: not the best option in estrogen receptor-positive, HER2-negative, invasive classical lobular carcinoma of the breast
A Purushotham, S Pinder, M Cariati, M Harries, A Goldhirsch
J Clin Oncol 28 (22), 3552-3554, 2010
Diagnosis of right-sided varicocele: A retrospective comparative study between clinical examination, Doppler findings, US imaging and vascular anatomy at phlebography
M Cariati, S Pieri, P Agresti, M Cariati, DF Candito, G Damiani, D Marzano
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Audit of local recurrence following breast conservation surgery with 5-mm target margin and hypofractionated 40-Gray breast radiotherapy for invasive breast cancer
SS Liau, M Cariati, D Noble, C Wilson, GC Wishart
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Internal mammary nodes and breast cancer
AD Purushotham, M Cariati
Journal of British Surgery 92 (2), 131-132, 2005
Invasive breast cancer over four decades reveals persisting poor metastatic outcomes in treatment resistant subgroup–the “ATRESS” phenomenon
P Jurrius, T Green, H Garmo, M Young, M Cariati, C Gillett, A Mera, ...
The Breast 50, 39-48, 2020
Xenotransplantation of breast cancers
M Cariati, R Marlow, G Dontu
Cancer Cell Culture, 471-482, 2011
Evaluating the link between stem cells and breast cancer
M Cariati
Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy 8 (8), 1313-1322, 2008
Intraoperative [18F] FDG flexible autoradiography for tumour margin assessment in breast-conserving surgery: a first-in-human multicentre feasibility study
PAGT Jurrius, MR Grootendorst, M Krotewicz, M Cariati, A Kothari, ...
EJNMMI research 11 (1), 1-12, 2021
P094. Clinical feasibility of Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging (CLI) for intraoperative assessment of tumour excision margins and sentinel lymph node metastases in breast …
MR Grootendorst, A Kothari, M Cariati, H Hamed, M Douek, T Kovacs, ...
European Journal of Surgical Oncology 41 (6), S53, 2015
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