Ruth Diez del Corral
Ruth Diez del Corral
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
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Opposing FGF and retinoid pathways control ventral neural pattern, neuronal differentiation, and segmentation during body axis extension
RD del Corral, I Olivera-Martinez, A Goriely, E Gale, M Maden, K Storey
Neuron 40 (1), 65-79, 2003
Araucan and caupolican, two members of the novel iroquois complex, encode homeoproteins that control proneural and vein-forming genes
JL Gómez-Skarmeta, RD del Corral, E de la Calle-Mustienes, ...
Cell 85 (1), 95-105, 1996
Opposing FGF and retinoid pathways: a signalling switch that controls differentiation and patterning onset in the extending vertebrate body axis
RD del Corral, KG Storey
Bioessays 26 (8), 857-869, 2004
Compartments and organising boundaries in the Drosophila eye: the role of the homeodomain Iroquois proteins
F Cavodeassi, RD Corral, S Campuzano, M Domínguez
Development 126 (22), 4933-4942, 1999
Onset of neuronal differentiation is regulated by paraxial mesoderm and requires attenuation of FGF signalling
RD del Corral, DN Breitkreuz, KG Storey
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 129 (7), 1681-1691, 2002
The Iroquois homeodomain proteins are required to specify body wall identity in Drosophila
RD del Corral, P Aroca, JL Gómez-Skarmeta, F Cavodeassi, J Modolell
Genes & development 13 (13), 1754-1761, 1999
Functional analysis of seven genes encoding eight translation initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) isoforms in Drosophila
G Hernández, M Altmann, JM Sierra, H Urlaub, RD Del Corral, P Schwartz, ...
Mechanisms of development 122 (4), 529-543, 2005
FGF and retinoic acid activity gradients control the timing of neural crest cell emigration in the trunk
PL Martínez-Morales, R Diez del Corral, I Olivera-Martínez, AC Quiroga, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 194 (3), 489-503, 2011
Markers in vertebrate neurogenesis
RD Corral, KG Storey
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2 (11), 835-839, 2001
The multiple roles of FGF signaling in the developing spinal cord
R Diez del Corral, AV Morales
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology 5, 58, 2017
white+ Transgene Insertions Presenting a Dorsal/Ventral Pattern Define a Single Cluster of Homeobox Genes That Is Silenced by the Polycomb-group Proteins in …
S Netter, MO Fauvarque, RD del Corral, JM Dura, D Coen
Genetics 149 (1), 257-275, 1998
Early-life social experience shapes social avoidance reactions in larval zebrafish
AH Groneberg, JC Marques, AL Martins, RD Del Corral, GG de Polavieja, ...
Current Biology 30 (20), 4009-4021. e4, 2020
c-Irx2 expression reveals an early subdivision of the neural plate in the chick embryo
A Goriely, RD del Corral, KG Storey
Mechanisms of development 87 (1-2), 203-206, 1999
Localization, structure and expression of the gene for translation initiation factor eIF-4E from Drosophila melanogaster
G Hernández, RD Del Corral, J Santoyo, S Campuzano, JM Sierra
Molecular and General Genetics MGG 253, 624-633, 1997
Coordination of cell differentiation and migration in mathematical models of caudal embryonic axis extension
NC Harrison, R Diez del Corral, B Vasiev
PloS one 6 (7), e22700, 2011
Neural development and regeneration: it's all in your spinal cord
CG Becker, R Diez del Corral
Development 142 (5), 811-816, 2015
Sox5 controls dorsal progenitor and interneuron specification in the spinal cord
AC Quiroga, CC Stolt, RD del Corral, S Dimitrov, S Pérez‐Alcalá, E Sock, ...
Developmental Neurobiology 75 (5), 522-538, 2015
FGF signaling enhances a sonic hedgehog negative feedback loop at the initiation of spinal cord ventral patterning
AV Morales, S Espeso‐Gil, I Ocaña, F Nieto‐Lopez, E Calleja, ...
Developmental neurobiology 76 (9), 956-971, 2016
Retinoic acid signaling during early spinal cord development
R Diez del Corral, AV Morales
Journal of Developmental Biology 2 (3), 174-197, 2014
Tufted Is a Gain-of-Function Allele That Promotes Ectopic Expression of the Proneural Gene amos in Drosophila
E Villa-Cuesta, J de Navascués, M Ruiz-Gómez, RD del Corral, ...
Genetics 163 (4), 1403-1412, 2003
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