Philip Procter
Philip Procter
Adjunct Professor Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
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Ankle joint biomechanics
P Procter, JP Paul
Journal of biomechanics 15 (9), 627-634, 1982
Implantation device, method for producing and for applying the same
P Procter
US Patent 8,814,920, 2014
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Support for the human spine
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Innovating in the medical device industry–challenges & opportunities ESB 2015 translational research symposium
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In vivo assessment of local effects after application of bone screws delivering bisphosphonates into a compromised cancellous bone site
A Roshan-Ghias, J Arnoldi, P Procter, DP Pioletti
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An Intrinsically‐Adhesive Family of Injectable and Photo‐Curable Hydrogels with Functional Physicochemical Performance for Regenerative Medicine
P Karami, N Nasrollahzadeh, C Wyss, A O'Sullivan, M Broome, P Procter, ...
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S Larsson, P Procter
Injury 42, S72-S76, 2011
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