Frank de Groot
Frank de Groot
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Core level spectroscopy of solids
F De Groot, A Kotani
CRC press, 2008
Oxygen 1s x-ray-absorption edges of transition-metal oxides
FMF De Groot, M Grioni, JC Fuggle, J Ghijsen, GA Sawatzky, H Petersen
Physical Review B 40 (8), 5715, 1989
In situ XPS analysis of various iron oxide films grown by -assisted molecular-beam epitaxy
T Fujii, FMF De Groot, GA Sawatzky, FC Voogt, T Hibma, K Okada
Physical review B 59 (4), 3195, 1999
2p x-ray absorption of 3d transition-metal compounds: An atomic multiplet description including the crystal field
FMF De Groot, JC Fuggle, BT Thole, GA Sawatzky
Physical Review B 42 (9), 5459, 1990
High-resolution X-ray emission and X-ray absorption spectroscopy
F De Groot
Chemical Reviews 101 (6), 1779-1808, 2001
Multiplet effects in X-ray spectroscopy
F De Groot
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 249 (1-2), 31-63, 2005
X-ray absorption and dichroism of transition metals and their compounds
FMF De Groot
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 67 (4), 529-622, 1994
The CTM4XAS program for EELS and XAS spectral shape analysis of transition metal L edges
E Stavitski, FMF De Groot
Micron 41 (7), 687-694, 2010
Controlled-valence properties of and studied by soft-x-ray absorption spectroscopy
M Abbate, FMF de Groot, JC Fuggle, A Fujimori, O Strebel, F Lopez, ...
Physical Review B 46 (8), 4511, 1992
Electronic structure of CoO, Li-doped CoO, and
J Van Elp, JL Wieland, H Eskes, P Kuiper, GA Sawatzky, FMF De Groot, ...
Physical Review B 44 (12), 6090, 1991
,3 x-ray-absorption edges of compounds: , , , and in (octahedral) symmetry
FMF De Groot, JC Fuggle, BT Thole, GA Sawatzky
Physical Review B 41 (2), 928, 1990
Single platinum atoms embedded in nanoporous cobalt selenide as electrocatalyst for accelerating hydrogen evolution reaction
K Jiang, B Liu, M Luo, S Ning, M Peng, Y Zhao, YR Lu, TS Chan, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1743, 2019
Nanoscale chemical imaging of a working catalyst by scanning transmission X-ray microscopy
E de Smit, I Swart, JF Creemer, GH Hoveling, MK Gilles, T Tyliszczak, ...
Nature 456 (7219), 222-225, 2008
Evolution of the spectral function in Mott-Hubbard systems with configuration
A Fujimori, I Hase, H Namatame, Y Fujishima, Y Tokura, H Eisaki, ...
Physical review letters 69 (12), 1796, 1992
The 1s x-ray absorption pre-edge structures in transition metal oxides
F De Groot, G Vankó, P Glatzel
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21 (10), 104207, 2009
Oxygen 1s x-ray absorption of tetravalent titanium oxides: A comparison with single-particle calculations
FMF De Groot, J Faber, JJM Michiels, MT Czyżyk, M Abbate, JC Fuggle
Physical Review B 48 (4), 2074, 1993
Supramolecular control of the magnetic anisotropy in two-dimensional high-spin Fe arrays at a metal interface
P Gambardella, S Stepanow, A Dmitriev, J Honolka, FMF De Groot, ...
Nature materials 8 (3), 189-193, 2009
Studies of copper valence states with Cu x-ray-absorption spectroscopy
M Grioni, JB Goedkoop, R Schoorl, FMF De Groot, JC Fuggle, F Schäfers, ...
Physical Review B 39 (3), 1541, 1989
Probing the 3d spin momentum with X-ray emission spectroscopy: The case of molecular-spin transitions
G Vankó, T Neisius, G Molnar, F Renz, S Karpati, A Shukla, FMF De Groot
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (24), 11647-11653, 2006
Orbital-specific mapping of the ligand exchange dynamics of Fe(CO)5 in solution
P Wernet, K Kunnus, I Josefsson, I Rajkovic, W Quevedo, M Beye, ...
Nature 520 (7545), 78-81, 2015
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