Dominik Cinčić
Dominik Cinčić
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
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Isostructural Materials Achieved by Using Structurally Equivalent Donors and Acceptors in Halogen‐Bonded Cocrystals
D Cinčić, T Friščić, W Jones
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D Cinčić, T Friščić, W Jones
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A cocrystallisation-based strategy to construct isostructural solids
D Cinčić, T Friščić, W Jones
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Halogen and Hydrogen Bonding between (N‐Halogeno)‐succinimides and Pyridine Derivatives in Solution, the Solid State and In Silico
V Stilinović, G Horvat, T Hrenar, V Nemec, D Cinčić
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (22), 5244-5257, 2017
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K Lisac, F Topić, M Arhangelskis, S Cepić, PA Julien, CW Nickels, ...
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Solvent-free polymorphism control in a covalent mechanochemical reaction
D Cinčić, I Brekalo, B Kaitner
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Effect of atmosphere on solid-state amine–aldehyde condensations: gas-phase catalysts for solid-state transformations
D Cinčić, I Brekalo, B Kaitner
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Biopharmaceutical characterization of praziquantel cocrystals and cyclodextrin complexes prepared by grinding
M Cugovčan, J Jablan, J Lovrić, D Cinčić, N Galić, M Jug
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 137, 42-53, 2017
Schiff base derived from 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde and liquid-assisted mechanochemical synthesis of its isostructural Cu (II) and Co (II) complexes
D Cinčić, B Kaitner
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Uncommon halogen bond motifs in cocrystals of aromatic amines and 1, 4-diiodotetrafluorobenzene
V Nemec, D Cinčić
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A large family of halogen-bonded cocrystals involving metal–organic building blocks with open coordination sites
V Nemec, L Fotovic, T Friščić, D Cinčić
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Crystal engineering strategies towards halogen-bonded metal–organic multi-component solids: Salts, cocrystals and salt cocrystals
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CrystEngComm 23 (17), 3063-3083, 2021
Synthesis of an extended halogen-bonded metal–organic structure in a one-pot mechanochemical reaction that combines covalent bonding, coordination chemistry and supramolecular …
D Cinčić, T Friščić
CrystEngComm 16 (44), 10169-10172, 2014
Comparison of isomeric meta-and para-diiodotetrafluorobenzene as halogen bond donors in crystal engineering
N Bedeković, V Stilinović, T Friščić, D Cinčić
New Journal of Chemistry 42 (13), 10584-10591, 2018
Synthesis, crystal structure determination and antiproliferative evaluation of novel benzazoyl benzamides
S Kristina, C Irena, C Dominik
Heterocycles: an international journal for reviews and communications in …, 2006
The halogen bonding proclivity of the ortho-methoxy–hydroxy group in cocrystals of o-vanillin imines and diiodotetrafluoro-benzenes
M Zbačnik, M Pajski, V Stilinović, M Vitković, D Cinčić
CrystEngComm 19 (37), 5576-5582, 2017
A Crystallographic Charge Density Study of the Partial Covalent Nature of Strong N⋅⋅⋅ Br Halogen Bonds
M Eraković, D Cinčić, K Molčanov, V Stilinović
Angewandte Chemie 131 (44), 15849-15853, 2019
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